At BeUrbanRunning.com we are passionate about people.

Those who start their hard day's work with a few kilometres in the city or relax with a jog under the shelter of the night before resting at home.

Those people who speed through the mountains, filling their lungs with fresh air, going down steep slopes like lightning and climbing them with effort.

Those who have the courage to put on a pair of spikes and train hard every day to lower their time by a few tenths of a second.

Also, the people who sweat and pant, exhausted after a hard WOD or a heavy weight session.

Have you ever been called crazy for wanting to run a marathon? Well, we are passionate about you.

Do you go out every day to train, rain or snow? We are passionate about you.

We are passionate about people with challenges, with goals, with a desire to improve, who don't give up, who always want more, who are committed...

We know that being one of those people is not easy. We know the road ahead is long and hard. That's why we are here. Because we are not your average sports shop.

Because we are specialists in running, trail, athletics and training; and we want to offer you the best weapons for your challenges. That's why we have the best brands and their most exclusive products.


It all started in 2012, when a group of runners from Elche agreed to start this adventure because in our city it was very difficult to access high quality running material.

Between sun and palm trees Urban Running was born, the seed of the company and our philosophy that would mark the future of the brand.

Since then we have progressed to have five more specialist BeUrbanRunning stores open in the cities of Alcoy, Valencia and Cartagena, Novelda and Yecla.

In addition, we have four other multisport and sportswear stores in the towns of Elche, Villena, Santa Pola, Torrevieja.

And we also have two Outlets in Elche and Villena, always with products at unbeatable prices.

In 2018 our website was updated, to give way to the current BeUrbanRunning.com, so we could offer our vision to all runners.

Today, we are still running towards the future, setting goals, meeting objectives and always training hard to offer what we would like to find and that is why we have people who are passionate about their work and about running. We are a team in constant improvement and evolution.

We are BeUrbanRunning.com


BeUrbanRunning.com is the digital version of the Urban Running, specialists in Running, Trail, Athletics and Training stores.

Our specialist approach to these sports means that we have the most advanced and innovative products from the best brands in the sector, always supported by our employees who are experts in the different modalities to offer more personalised advice and we will make sure that you always find the most suitable product for you.

In addition, we have a selection of Sportwear or Casual products from our Urban Sport shops, so you always have the latest trends in fashion and great products in other sports.

And let's not forget Urban Outlet, the shops where you will find the best deals on top level products.

If you live near any of our shops, we invite you to come and visit us, we are sure you will get something good out of your visit.


Want to know more about us? Well, here are our profiles so you can see us in action.

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