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ropa deportiva y accesorios lurbel

ropa deportiva y accesorios lurbel

Lurbel is a Spanish brand of running and trail running clothing and accessories that can also be used in most outdoor sports.

Proprietary technologies

Lurbel stands out for its own technical fabrics with properties that prevent chafing, bad odours, wrinkles, overheating... in other words, the properties that all sportsmen and women look for in a garment.

Its IDT fabric is made with bamboo carbonised yarn, with thermo-regulating and anti-bacterial properties.

They also have Feel Thermo Tech technology for use in environments where the temperature is variable.

Lurbel garments can be worn by both popular and high-performance sportsmen and women who are able to withstand much more extreme situations.

Adaptability: Lurbel fabrics adapt to the surface of the body, whether they are textile presses or accessories.

Most of them are anti-wrinkle fabrics.

Antibacterial properties to prevent microbes.

The socks are ergonomically designed to differentiate between the right and left foot.

Bi-directional knitted structure to give you total freedom of movement.

UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection to protect your skin from the sun's rays.

iDT Neo Recycled technology is combined with a cross-section polyester and uses recycled polyester in the yarn that supports the ionic carbonised bamboo particles.

All of which means you'll notice these benefits:

Tailored thermoregulation: more moisture is transported to the outside and the garment dries faster.

There is a double barrier against odour: the ionic bamboo yarn and the silver grid work together to prevent the proliferation of odour-causing bacteria.

Thermoregulatory properties: they give the garments thermal insulation.

Lurbel short sleeve T-shirts
Running and trail running socks by Lurbel
Lurbel trail running waistcoats.
Lurbel running underwear
Lurbel compression garments
Lurbel long sleeve T-shirts
Lurbel tank top
Lurbel shorts
Lurbel tights
Lurbel tights
Lurbel Tight shorts
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Lurbel Gloves
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Lurbel salt carrier

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