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In this section we have three sections:

Fitness Shoes
Fitness Clothing
Fitness Accessories

All of them have one thing in common: they are technical articles to be used for training, fitness, crossfit...  Whether inside a gym or outdoors.

- If you train with the right shoes and the right clothing, you will avoid injuries - and you'll be able to do so in no time at all.

What is a technical fitness article?

These are shoes, clothing and accessories that are specially designed and made to go to the gym to do a wide variety of sports exercises.

It is important to pay attention to the composition of the materials and the design.  In this case we should look for garments with three very specific characteristics:

- That they are very breathable fabrics, in order to be able to eliminate our perspiration.

- That they withstand all the frictions that are produced when exercising on the floor and with the equipment.

- That the shoes have good stability and support so that we can hold certain postures well with the apparatus.

The design

They stand out for having a tight design, but that allows a total freedom of movements.  And at the same time give some coverage.

The fabrics

In principle, you should choose those that are made with fabrics based on nylon or polyester fibres, avoiding cotton whenever possible.

Yes, technical fitness articles are made of artificial fibres.  Because they have a series of characteristics that are essential for sports practice.

We are talking about nylon, polyester, elastane, lycra...

The Fitness articles that incorporate these fabrics are:

1.    The upper part of the shoes (the upper).
2.    Fitness clothing
3.    Accessories such as headbands, thigh straps, caps...

All of them, when manufactured with these fabrics, will have these characteristics:

They are very breathable.
They are elastic fabrics, some more than others.
They do not cause chafing on the skin.
They do not stick to the skin.
They dry quickly after getting wet.
In some cases they are anti-odour and anti-fungal.
They are supportive. In the case of sports bras.  Below we explain the characteristics to take into account when choosing a sports bra.

- Even if it is a bit more expensive, always train with a technical T-shirt.

Cotton is a natural fibre.  Yes, and it is the most recommendable and healthy fabric to wear when you are not doing sports activities.  

Cotton retains and accumulates the sweat that you generate when practising any other sport.  And it can increase up to 80% of its weight.

This accumulation of sweat will make the cotton garment stick to your body, causing chafing of the skin (especially on the nipples, armpits and groin).  If they are 100% cotton socks, they can cause blisters on the soles of your feet.  

With the accumulation of sweat, you will also feel the increased weight of your t-shirt, making it more uncomfortable to train in.


We can establish several categories according to their characteristics.

To choose shoes for training in the gym you can apply these simple rules:

Choose shoes that are comfortable when you put them on and walk a few steps in them.

You should feel that your foot is supported and that it doesn't dance around inside.

And that you feel stability when you step in them.

Trainers for the gym, they offer:
Lateral grip
They are suitable for workouts such as: gym routines, cross-training, HIIT and even dance.

Crossfit shoes:
Like gym shoes but with reinforced elements, with a slightly thinner midsole to balance flexibility and firmness.

Walking shoes:
Should have some cushioning.
They should be comfortable.

- When you go out to train and compete, do it with technical socks.

- The best shoes are the ones that are right for you.

Type of footprint in fitness shoes

They are usually shoes with a wide last to give you a stable stride.  And all of them are neutral.  There are no stability control shoes.


If we think of clothes for running, there are three to start with, but there are a few more.

Fitness T-shirts
Fitness trousers or shorts
Fitness socks
Fitness Tights

Here we can remember again what we talked about at the beginning of the text.

It is advisable to know the composition of a technical Fitness T-shirt.

Technical textiles can be used by everyone.  The more technical the garment is, the more technologies it will incorporate to be more breathable and lighter.

Sports bra: that gives us support

Something indispensable in women's clothing, more specifically in sports bras. And it is even more important for sporty girls with large breasts.

A good sports bra is a must for sportswomen who go to the gym, run or do any other physical activity.

The main things to consider when shopping for a sports bra are:

It must be your exact size, no bigger, no smaller.

You can move without hindrance and breathe well.

Your breasts stay in place.

You can easily slip two fingers under the band around the cups and the back.

The fabric does not twist inside or outside.


We are talking about:

Calf straps
Mobile phone cases

Here it is also important to know the composition of these items.  And here it is clearer than ever, the more technical they are the better, and for everyone.

Visors can come in handy when doing pilates, yoga, spinning... outdoors.  They help to create a shaded area around your eyes, so that the sun doesn't bother you.

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