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Running shoes are the main equipment for any runner. Nowadays we have a wide variety of running shoes focused on different users and uses. We are all different and have certain characteristics that make us need different shoes. Whether we need them for training or racing, whether we are light or heavy, whether we tend to pronate or not, there is a wide range to choose from to make sure we find the running shoe that best suits us.

What should we look for to find our ideal shoe?


By definition, it is the capacity of a material, in this case the sole, to absorb the impacts of our footsteps against the ground when we run. This feature is very important as it will protect us more from bouncing against the ground with each stride in order to relieve our joints and muscles.

Practically every brand has its own cushioning technology, similar to each other but with slight differences in terms of hardness, durability, reactivity, etc. In addition, the amount of material used for the formation of the sole, makes the running shoes have different sensations and characteristics according to the needs of the runner who is going to use them.

Technologies such as the "Boost" of adidas, have been revolutionary and have created a need to continuously improve these materials, offering us today a large number of soles of the highest quality. At Be Urban Running you will always find these shoes because as the specialists we are, we only offer the best of the best.


It is the characteristic that makes the shoe help us to control the footprint when we land and corrects the position of the foot. Previously, they were known as "running shoes for overpronators" but this is a term that is evolving. The appearance of custom-made insoles means that this need for correction is not as pronounced as before and the most extreme pronators use them as a rule.

Also, the large number of mild pronators, so to speak, has created control or stability ranges that are really effective. Even so, there are always models that are more stabilised than others and practically all brands have different options, each with their own particular technology. It is an important point when we suffer from some kind of pronation or we want to go safer and more stable in running.


It is the capacity of the material to return the energy that it has absorbed from the footstep to generate that return and propel us faster. These technologies are found in the sole and go hand in hand with cushioning. The tendency is to get materials with good cushioning and reactive, but it is not easy to get the same material to be "top" in both characteristics.

Usually you will find two different materials working together to ensure this. This point has also become a key point for the brands, which, as it happens with the cushioning, are always striving to improve and get better materials for their soles. At Be Urban Running we have the fastest and most reactive running shoes on the market, because we also love speed.

Which running shoe do I choose?

What is the best running shoe? That's easy. The one that best suits you, your running style and your goals. There is no such thing as the perfect shoe, but there is your ideal shoe. Remember that depending on your weight, your running pace and your stride, you will have to choose shoes adapted to these points.

Also, it is not the same to choose a shoe for your daily runs or training sessions, as it is to choose a shoe for competition. If you have any doubts or you want us to advise you, we will be happy to guide you in your purchase to find your ideal shoe.

In addition, on our website, you will find the clothing and accessories you need to practice your sport whether it is windy, rainy, cold or hot. We have a wide variety of technical running clothing with the best technologies that will help you control perspiration, keep you cool or warm.

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