Sports Leggings for Training and Racing

Published : 11/23/2022 09:24:23

Wearing trousers or tights

Characteristics of technical tights for sport

Types of Leggings


Leggings are a sports garment that has been used more and more as the fabrics that make them have improved, as well as their flexibility and breathability.

They have also become more and more popular in sports such as trail running or fitness.

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Wearing trousers or tights

The answer is very simple, it depends on your taste.

The fundamental difference is the fit to the body.  Tights are a perfect fit around the waist and legs. They fit your body like a second skin.

With trousers you will have a looser and cooler feeling.

In the case of trail running where you compete in long and intense races the use of tights is very widespread.

Obviously the weather also helps you to choose one or the other garment.

Low temperatures, humidity or rain lead us to choose a pair of tights and often 3/4 or long tights.
Whether you're training in the city or in the mountains, tights will protect you from the cold, wind and rain.  And especially if you're running in the mountains, you'll be more protected against scratches from vegetation.

In warmer areas and in summer it's different. Short tights and shorts can be worn equally well.  Here it is more relevant to note that with tights you will probably never get skin chafing.  

Whereas with shorts, if they are not sufficiently technical, you might get chafing from the inner mesh.  Although if it is in short training sessions, nowadays it is rare for that to happen.

In the end it is a question of personal taste in the conception of comfort of each person.  Some people prefer the comfort of a tight-fitting garment, while others prefer the comfort of a much looser garment that allows air to circulate through the skin.


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Lately, the solution that is becoming more and more popular are the 2-in-1 shorts that have a short internal mesh.  However, they are only available in shorts.

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Characteristics of technical tights for sport

They are very different from trousers.  And their qualities depend on their length and the fabric they are made of.

The advantages preferred by those who choose them, instead of trousers, are:

They are usually made of very breathable fabrics, so they expel sweat very efficiently.

They give you support and muscle support. And even more so those models that have more compression properties.

These more compressive tights, by improving circulation, delay the onset of muscle fatigue, improve performance and post-workout recovery.

They are seamless fabrics or with flat seams to avoid any chafing.

There are brands such as Lurbel that produce thermo-regulating and anti-odour fabrics. 


Streetwear tights for woman

Types of Leggings

Leggings according to length:

Short Leggings or Shorts. Length from waist to mid-thigh. Ideal for summer or hot areas.

3/4 Pirate, Corsair or Capri tights.  They go from the waist to above or below the knee.

They are very popular for autumn and spring seasons.

Long Leggings.  Recommended for periods of high cold and humidity.  And for training sessions where there are breaks between changes of activity and you can get cold.

Leggings with skirt.  There are few and it is a garment more aesthetic than sporty.

Leggings according to the fabric

Compression: they have localised areas with greater compression on the muscles.

Breathable: all tights must have fibres with technologies that make the fabric more breathable.  Depending on the brand, the name of the technology varies: Nike Dri-Fit, in Adidas it is Clima-Cool, in Lurbel Cool-Tech, in New Balance NB Dry, in Under Armour HeatGear...

Thermal or Thermoregulation: in these cases the perspiration of sweat is faster as the garment is quick-drying. This greatly increases comfort when practising the sport you are doing.
Differentiated fabrics: there are tights with a slightly thicker fabric in areas that need more thermal insulation (thighs, knees and the front of the calves) and a thinner and more elastic fabric for areas of greater fit and breathability, such as the calves and the back of the knee.

UV protection: these tights are made from a fabric with sun protection. Necessary when running long distances in the sun and you have sensitive skin.

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