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Reasons to run at Christmas

Published : 11/30/2021 16:03:59

Run for health

Run to burn

Run to use for the first time

Running tips

Christmas celebrations are only a month away. However, the spirit we want to capture in this article is valid for the whole year.

We assimilate Christmas with celebrations. Some in a more religious way and others in a festive way.

What is common to almost everyone is that we get together with family, friends and acquaintances to celebrate, eating and drinking.

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Run for health

Depending on how social and festive you are, you can accumulate many days of celebrations. In which usually soar calories ingested by food and alcohol.  And it may be that your physical activity is reduced to a minimum.

So it will be very beneficial to practice some sport such as running during those days.  They should be relaxed workouts, to enjoy and cut the routine of those days.

Besides, the fact that you are an athlete will make you more convinced to avoid unnecessary binge eating. Even, saying that you have to train the next day can be the excuse to retire and not have that extra drink.

And on the other hand, eating that chocolate or marzipan figurine will do you good after that morning workout.

Another reason to keep training is not to lose that physical shape you have been getting during the fall.  

And also to be able to participate with guarantees in the San Silvestre race in our city.  When you enjoy and laugh at the San Silvestre, the New Year's Eve dinner tastes much better.


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Run to burn

At holiday celebrations we tend to eat a lot of heavy foods and drink more alcohol than usual.

If you feel bloated or past it you can always go for a run at a gentle pace for 20 to 30 minutes.  This will help you detoxify your body and feel much better.

About alcohol remember two things: it contains a lot of calories and it dehydrates you.  So you should drink more water before, during and after training.


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Run to use for the first time

A real runner always gets something from Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men related to the sport of running.  And of course, possibly the most powerful gift is a pair of running shoes. 

Although gifts such as a long-sleeved technical and thermal T-shirt can also be a very welcome gift.  And another gift suitable for the season and somewhat unexpected is a running vest.


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Running tips

If you are not going to run, at least walk. And if it's at a brisk pace, all the better.

If you are going to be in a coastal town and there is a beach, running on the sand is tremendously effective.  It forces you to push yourself a little harder, you work on your proprioceptive footwork and running by the sea is an extra boost of mental energy.
If you don't feel like running, at least walk.  And the faster the better.

If you travel, going for a run can help you discover places and routes that you might not have gone to before.

In addition to running, you can also do an exercise routine.

Practising yoga is another way to release stress and exercise.

Dress warmly, as cold weather can be very injury prone.

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