Nike ZoomX Zegama the new Trail Running Shoes

Published : 07/26/2022 08:27:04

Features of the Nike Zegama

Nike Zegama Upper

Nike Zegama Midsole

Nike Zegama Outsole

At Be Urban Running we already have at your disposal the latest great novelty from Nike Trail Running, the Zoom X Zegama, whose name commemorates the iconic mountain race Zegama-Aizkorri.

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Features of the Nike Zegama

The Nike Zoom X Zegama Trail for women and men are neutral running shoes.  With them you will be able to run with comfort and cushioning on the most technical mountain terrains and trails.

They are trail running shoes from the American brand recently launched on the market, in its bid to consolidate itself as a relevant brand in the world of trail running.  Their name is a tribute to the mountain marathon of the Basque Country that runs along the most emblematic peaks of the Aizkorri mountain range. They will give you cushioning for your kilometres.

Although they are maximalist shoes with a high profile, they have a drop of only 4mm, so you will be able to run fast with them.

They are intended for half marathon and marathon competitions in the mountains.  And only a very experienced and lightweight trail runner will choose them to run ultra trail competitions.

They are worn by Nienke Brinkman, the last winner of the Zegama Aizkorri 2022.  Who smashed the record of the race, cutting it by 17 minutes 44 seconds. A real barbarity.

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Nike Zegama Upper

The upper of the shoe is made from a lightweight, breathable engineered mesh that is stronger and more flexible than traditional mesh. That strength can be seen perfectly in the heel area.

In the area around the ankle you can see a gaiter type protection that keeps dirt out.

There is also an elastic protective leather reinforcement on the toe cap for extra durability.

upper nike zegama

Trail Running SHOES FOR mAN

Nike Zegama Midsole

It has the same foam as Nike's most flying shoes, because it is Nike's lightest and most responsive cushioning foam.

It's cushioning designed to maximise speed in every single step you take. And this is achieved by the ZoomX foam technology, which helps you run fast. You'll also notice great cushioning, softness and energy return.  And above all, you'll still feel it after many kilometres.

Ground clearance: 37mm in the rear and 33mm in the front.  So the drop is 4mm, which as we have already said will allow you to go fast.

The midsole is what creates that great comfort, reactivity and agility for running in the mountains.

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Nike Zegama Outsole

Multidirectional lugged outsole for good grip in rocky areas, wet terrain or even mud.  Rubber wraps around the forefoot to help resist abrasion and provide added durability.

The lug height is 4mm. In a deeper and more diverse pattern, highlighted with wide spacing, it provides traction on more technical terrain.

suela exterior nike zegamaTo finish we will say that Nike ZoomX Zegama has a price in the medium-high range segment, within the maximalist category that is being imposed in trail running, once it has already been imposed in asphalt running.

One of its rivals could be  Saucony Peregrine

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