Nike Zoom Fly 5

Published : 09/21/2022 08:12:09

Nike Zoom Fly 5

What's new in the NIKE Zoom Fly 5

Features of the NIKE Zoom Fly 5

The Nike Zoom Fly 5 is a good running shoe to compete with and is inspired by the Vaporfly.

And just like the much-desired Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% they also have a full-length carbon plate.

So thanks to the plate and the ZoomX foam in the midsole, you have a cushioned and very reactive shoe at the same time.  It's a fast shoe.

Some people consider this model as the "little sister" of the Vaporfly Next%.  What is clear is that they are perfect for race days, for runners who run fast paces and light to medium weights.

zapatillas running nike zoom fly 5

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What's new in the NIKE Zoom Fly 5

The new Nike Zoom Fly 5 comes in a my top design and brings back a retro Nike logo.

Also noteworthy is the appearance of Zoom X foam in the midsole.

Another change is the increase of the profiles and the shape or geometry of the midsole. They help to have a much more lively shoe with a much softer and fluffier feel.

The upper has been remodelled, returning to the traditional design with separate and independent tongue and laces.

Regarding the outsole, there are also changes. There is a greater amount of rubber in the heel to slow down the wear of the shoes. Also visible is a greater roughness in the material, making them more versatile in terms of surfaces to step on.

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Features of the NIKE Zoom Fly 5

Weighs 290 grams and has a drop of 8 mm.  They may seem heavy for a racing shoe, so many athletes will discard them to compete in short distances.  But for all other distances, they are very suitable.

For some runners they will be fine for the half marathon, and for others they will be suitable for the full marathon. In the end it is the same as always, each one according to their sensations and tastes when running chooses some running shoes or others.

zoom fly 5 zapatillas nike

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The Nike Zoom Fly 5 has a very breathable upper.  In addition the technical mesh material gives the impression of being built to last.

As the last and base are slightly wider in the forefoot and heel than in the first versions, the shoes have gained in stability and comfort.  A more stable stride gives more confidence when running.

zapatillas running zoom fly 5

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As mentioned above the midsole is now composed of ZoomX foam which is Nike's most cushioning and reactive foam.

The carbon fibre plate in the midsole is not visible, the opening in the outsole shows the ZoomX.  And this absence of material helps to reduce the weight of the shoes.

zapatillas running hombre zoom fly 5

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It is differentiated in two parts, front and rear, with nothing in the middle of the shoe.

It has a microcushioned design that grips very well both on asphalt and on court.

Regarding its durability we have to remember that it is a competition shoe.

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