New Balance 1080 V12 Running Shoes

Published : 09/07/2022 08:47:06

New Balance 1080 V12 Running Shoes

Meet the new New Balance 1080 V12

Analysis of the New Balance 1080 V12

New Balance 1080 V12 Sustainability

The V12 at a glance may look the same as the V11. But they come with changes that improve the sensations and performance of the previous version. They continue to offer that versatility and improvement in comfort, cushioning and performance.

Perhaps the two main changes are the new Fresh Foam X foam and the new collar that closes the shoe in the rear area.

new balance 1080 v12

Meet the new New Balance 1080 V12

The NB 1080 V12 are very versatile and very damped. In fact, they are at the top of the American brand's cushioning range.

They are designed for long distances in training and competitions.

Medium weight runners (from 66 to 79 kgs) will get the best performance out of them, although runners of heavier weight (over 80 kgs) can also wear them and enjoy running with them.

In addition, as they are intended for training, they guarantee a longer durability than other models.

It is clear that they are not shoes made for big changes of pace or demanding trainings. But, occasionally, you can demand them to be more responsive.

The 1080 V11 will give you a great feeling of comfort in each of your steps. Designed for runners of all levels, regardless of their technique and who are looking for confidence in their feet.

You'll enjoy them the most in middle and long distance competitions.

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Analysis of the New Balance 1080 V12

upper new balance 1080 v12all the New Balance 1080 at Be Urban Running


Made of Hypoknit technical mesh that perfectly combines foot support with the necessary flexibility.

The New Balance Hypoknit is present to act as if it were a real sock.  Because you can see that it has elasticity with different densities depending on the area.

The upper is more elastic and breathable, there are changes in density and yarn so that the different zones adapt better to our foot.  

In the front part we can notice that greater flexibility to give space to the toes and that it is also more breathable. There is a greater number of micro holes.  On the toecap, on the other hand, the mesh is much denser to achieve the necessary support.

The tongue is practically the same as the V11 and is attached to the upper.

What changes most radically in the upper is the Ultraheel structure in the heel.  The construction of the collar and the heel counter are more pleasant.  When touching it you can feel that there is more material to prevent chafing and that the heel is much better supported.

All this stabilises the stride while the sock-like design achieves a better fit to the foot.  

new balance 1080 v12

all the New Balance running shoes


The V12 version comes with Fresh Foam X which absorbs impacts very effectively and thus protects your joints better.  It is also a slightly more reactive foam, so you will feel a return of energy with every step and a more powerful propulsion.

Looking at the midsole from the side you can see that the relief pattern has changed. It is a new design with different geometries which, although hard to imagine, affects the quality and quantity of cushioning.

And at the end of the shoe we can see a new v-shaped cut in the middle of the midsole.  It is an aid to improve the landing of each step for heel runners.

suela de las new balance 1080 v12

New Balance Cloting

Suela exterior

The outsole design has also been changed for better traction and durability.

It is still made of injected blown rubber which combines high abrasion resistance and powerful grip.

The size of the lugs has increased, as if they have been expanded.  This helps to provide more traction surface.
The multiple grooves along the outsole are still there to facilitate the natural flexing movement of the foot with every step.

The forefoot area is also slightly wider, it has gained in width.

new balance 1080 v12

Sustainability of the New Balance 1080 V12

New Balance develops the Green Leave programme to promote the use of environmentally sustainable materials.

At the moment it is the upper of these 1080 V12 where we will see a large part of this development in its sustainable materials.  And other parts such as the outsole and midsole will follow soon.

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