Sports Bra: an important garment to take care of your health

Published : 05/20/2021 12:55:32

It is important to protect and support your breasts when practising sport

Clothes that help you do sport

Technical and highly breathable fabrics at all times

Types of support depending on the level of impact

How to choose the right sports bra size

It is important to protect and support your breasts when practising sport

Whether it's summer or winter, a sports bra is always essential for all women who want to do sport.  Although in high temperatures, it is even more important, as it can be the only garment that will cover your chest.

Although in Be Urban Running we are specialised in Running, what we talk about in this article can be used for the rest of sports.  And also for those women whose work involves significant physical activity.

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It's important to protect and support your breasts when practising sport.

A woman who starts practising a sport normally does not know the importance of wearing a good bra that adapts to the size and weight of her breasts and also to the needs of support according to the sport she is practising.

It is necessary to emphasise the importance of the function of the sports bra, the greater support, to be able to practice sport or to carry out an activity that involves a lot of physical movement, in a more comfortable way.

Any sports bra can be used to dress you to work in very physical activities

Just as not all women are the same, nor are all breasts the same, neither should sports bras be the same. That is why some differ from others in their characteristics, in order to adapt to a specific body and activity.

Clothes that help you do sport

A woman should never forget the importance of protecting her breasts when running or doing other sports.

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For years, sportswear brands have been creating garments that help women to take up physical activity and sport.  They want them to be able to do sport comfortably, protected and with a certain style in their look.

The female breast is formed from a delicate fabric with few muscles to support it.

When running or playing other sports, the breasts will move up and down, sideways and back and forth.  So these sudden movements can cause the breasts to sag prematurely and more quickly.

Optimal support is therefore necessary.  It's not just a matter of covering, but of supporting the breasts as much as possible while running or doing any other exercise.

Technical and highly breathable fabrics at all times

Sports bras for running or any other sport should be purchased from among those made of breathable materials. It is absolutely essential to wick away perspiration. We must avoid unnecessary hot flushes and/or skin problems due to chafing.

- Underwired bras are never suitable for activities that involve physical movement -

To take care of this aspect we must be especially careful with the fabrics and fabrics of the garment. The different manufacturers of sports equipment usually opt for combinations of fabrics and fabrics.

When we talk about sports bras made with technical fabrics we are referring to materials such as:

  • Spandex
  • Elastane
  • Polyester
  • Lycra

Nylon and polyester have the function of creating the body of the fabric.  

Spandex, elastane and lycra are fibres that give flexibility to the garment.

As for cotton, it may appear in the composition but the lesser its presence the better.  Cotton is a natural fibre, the best for clothing, but not recommended for sports activities.

Cotton is not very breathable and accumulates body sweat.  It can increase the weight of the garment by up to 80%.  This causes discomfort, chafing and skin irritation.

So we stress once again that in sports activities we must choose garments with fibres that help sweat to be transpired from the body, and thus eliminate it.  Although there are brands that incorporate technologies in the fibres so that this perspiration is even greater.

  • Nike and Dri-fit
  • Adidas with ClimaCool - ClimaLite
  • Under Armour and HeatGear

Types of support depending on the level of impact

Before buying a sports bra you should be clear about what sport or activity you are going to do with it. Depending on the movements you are going to do, you will need more or less support.

Light support for low impact activities

In this case we are talking about more 'relaxed' activities such as yoga, pilates, cycling, swimming, skating, cross-country skiing, golf, weight training in the gym...

Medium support for medium impact activities

These bras usually have wider straps to give more stability to the chest. They are usually recommended for athletes with a large chest size and who are going to do low impact activities, but need that extra support.

High support for high impact activities

Here we are talking about very energetic activities, with more abrupt and rapid movements, involving jumping or running, so maximum support is needed.

These are activities such as running, tennis, dance, or team sports (football, basketball, volleyball...).

sports bra

You can almost always combine a sports bra with leggings

The aim of these garments is to achieve a certain compression effect (a slight flattening of the fabric against the chest, without impairing breathing), which hinders the movement of the chest, but without reducing mobility during the activity.

In addition, there should also be a gathering, but vertically.

How to choose the right sports bra size

To choose the best sports bra that best suits your sporting activity you need to consider the two key measurements: trunk circumference and cup circumference.

1) Measure the circumference of your chest: with the tape measure, place it just below the chest, around the entire torso and ribs. Check that the tape is snug, and breathe out in a relaxed posture.

Round to the nearest whole number.

2) Measure the cup: pass the measuring tape over the largest area of the chest.

It is normal that depending on the brand of bra the sizes may vary slightly.  Therefore, check the size guide of each manufacturer, as they usually give advice on how to know your size.

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