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Jackets, windbreakers and waterproofs

Published : 11/24/2021 13:55:46

Must-have features in a running jacket

More recommended features of a running jacket

Jackets for casual or lifestyle wear

The wind is blowing, it's cold, it's raining or it's threatening to snow and you want to go out for a training run... You need a technical running or trail jacket.  It will protect you from the elements and allow you to retain some of your body heat.

If you are a mountain runner, buying a good technical jacket is an investment that is more than justified.  As well as being mandatory in many competitions, the more technical details it has, the better you will be able to run.

In general, a running jacket is a vital piece of protection, and even more so in the case of trail running, even though it can cost a lot of money.

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Must-have features in a running jacket

Breathability: The most important thing is that it protects you from the weather and is breathable at the same time. So that the sweat and heat you generate with your body don't end up weighing you down.

Windbreaker: to protect you from the wind, because apart from being very annoying, it makes you feel colder, especially when you sweat.

In case of light rain a simple windbreaker may be enough, but if we know that it may rain well, it is better to choose a windproof and waterproof jacket.

Waterproofing: repelling as much water as possible, thus preventing moisture from penetrating the garment. This is not only annoying, but also makes you feel colder.

Running jackets without a membrane are generally considered to be breathable for active use.  And in heavy rain a jacket with a membrane will hold up much better than a windbreaker.

For longer ultratrail races where rain or snow may occur, a jacket with a membrane is a must.

There is a middle ground in waterproofing which is the outer water repellent treatment (durable water repellent = DWR).  This is a coating applied to the outside of the garment.  It prevents drops from warming up for a while. And it is a protection that loses its properties over time and is a much inferior protection to the membrane.

Lightweight: it is highly recommended that the jacket is as thin and compressible as possible.

Avoid choosing a jacket that is too fitted, especially if you are going to wear it over two layers.  It could restrict your movements.

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Men's technical jackets for running and outdoor use

Women's technical running, and outdoor jackets

More recommended features of a running jacket

These are details that increase the value of the garment when it comes to protecting you during your workouts.

Sealed zip, or a waterproof placket over the zip, is a must for a 100% waterproof jacket.

Ergonomic hood, and better with a small integrated visor to prevent water from running down your face.

Drawcord at the bottom of the jacket, allowing you to increase or decrease ventilation.

Waterproof multi-purpose pockets for storing essentials such as your phone, credit card or keys.

Reflective elements, which will make you more visible when something or someone shines on you in low light conditions.

Some jackets can be worn over your rucksack or hydration waistcoat.

"For great athletes there is no such thing as bad weather, but there is no such thing as bad equipment".

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Jackets for casual or lifestyle wear

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Men's casual and snow jackets

Women's casual and snow jackets

At Be Urban Running we have the right jackets to dress in sporty fashion before and after your training and competitions.

We don't need to remind you that keeping warm after sport is absolutely essential to avoid colds and muscle contractions.

We would like to point out that most of them are very light for the good thermal protection they provide.   And that you can store them in a fairly small space.

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