How to run the Half Marathon of Torrevieja

Published : 02/22/2023 10:30:00

Half Marathon of Torrevieja: run it and enjoy it

There is nothing left.These are days of nerves, always the week before a race the doubts arise; will I have trained enough, I have a little discomfort ... Breathe, relax, the work is already done, and very well done, now it's time to enjoy the streets of Torrevieja on Sunday 26th. Squeeze and take advantage of every moment before the start with your closest people, those who have offered you so much encouragement and encouragement in the most critical moments and that when the starting gun is given will also move forward with you.

Half Marathon of Torrevieja

Final advice

We know from experience that after all the work you have done, it is not the time to improvise and try new things, but to continue with your daily routines. 

From Be Urban Running we advise you not to try anything on the day of the race, whether it is supplementation (gels, isotonic...), clothing or running shoes. In the half marathon you should take what you have trained before and you know that it works for you and does not feel bad, as this could spoil your big day. 

This also applies to clothing. Trying on a T-shirt, shorts or socks can cause chafing that will bother you for the whole race and make you not enjoy it. 

It's time for the race and it's time to put into practice everything you've trained, but you must control yourself for the first few kilometres and check your emotions, as the atmosphere will make you feel such pleasant sensations that you'll feel that your legs are going and you may go faster than you should, but keep cool, calm down, slow down the pace and feel the asphalt, there will be time to press on. 

It is important to drink at all the refreshment posts even if you are not thirsty, as the body needs hydration and if you have trained before, take a salt tablet before setting off and another after 50 minutes or 1 hour.  

Time to enjoy

We know that during the race you will be focused on keeping the pace, but you should also lift your head and enjoy this beautiful city.   

Enjoy running by the sea and its lively spots every 5 kilometres, this has to be a plus of energy when your legs can't take it anymore. 

Try to join a group that can keep up with you, it's always easier and more bearable to run in company. 

In the last 5 kilometres, it's time to push yourself and bring out what you've been saving for the first part of the race. We advise you to lengthen your stride and push yourself at a faster pace, we know you are tired, but this is your moment. 

Last kilometre, you can already see the finish arch, it's time for the last push. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Don't forget to smile to look good in the photo at the finish line.

You've made it

You have just crossed the finish line, all your hard work and effort has been rewarded, all this has come thanks to your perseverance in training and not having put your arms down when your legs couldn't take it any more during the race. 

We know that this has not been your last race, that you have others in mind and that is why, to recover better, we recommend you to take a recovery right after the race. Just like the gels during the race, it is also important to take a post-race sports supplement. 

It's time to celebrate that you have been finisher in the Torrevieja Half Marathon, and what better way than with a good beer and paella in front of the sea. It's time to comment on the race with your colleagues and family.


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