Hoka Carbon X 3

Published : 06/01/2022 09:04:05

What's new in the Hoka Carbon X3

Features of the Hoka Carbon X3

The beginnings of the Carbon X3

When the first Carbon X was released, it was considered a direct rival to the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next % to challenge them for the lead in the ranking of the fastest shoes in the world.  The carbon plate had created a new category of shoes.

Now they have reached the X3 version, which indicates that they are a shoe that has been consolidated for the time being.

The Hoka Carbon X3 continues the philosophy of being built to push your own limits, using the best innovation and technology.  The result is a very fast shoe with excellent cushioning.

hoka carbon x3

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What's new in the Hoka Carbon X3

First of all, they are lighter than their predecessors, the X2.  More specifically, the men's version is 17 grams lighter and the women's version is 10 grams lighter.

Now the men's Carbon X3 weighs 222 grams and 188 grams for women.

The mesh upper has been updated with a technical knitted fabric with increased breathability.  Together with the tongue and integrated eyelets, this improves the fit to your foot.

According to the brand, the PROFLY experience has been improved. Which means that the lightweight foam midsole gives you a softer and more responsive running experience. And you'll also notice increased responsiveness.

That smooth ride is also helped somewhat by the EVA rubber outsole.

And the heel height and 5 mm drop have been maintained from the previous version.

upper hoka carbon x3

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Features of the Hoka Carbon X3

The first feature to highlight is the carbon fibre plate in the midsole.  It gives you more propulsion in each stride.

The upper is made of a single layer of mesh for greater breathability.

The heel area has a reinforcement for a better fit to the foot.

hoka carbon midsole
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PROFLY X midsole, a very light and resistant energised foam, which offers very good cushioning and reactivity.  It is a low profile cushioning base that keeps the foot closer to the ground.

The forefoot area is wide for a more stable ride.  It is a symmetrical cushioning base, which gives security to your run.

The heel loop is extended.  It helps you to rest your Achilles heel at certain times and the rest of the time it doesn't bother you.

Visually you can see the Meta-Rocker geometry in the initial phase position. This rocker shape makes the transitions of each of your strides faster and you can run at a faster pace.

outsole hoka carbon

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Foam rubber outsole provides lightweight road contact and adds some soft but resilient cushioning.

The rearfoot of the shoe has an extended SwallowTail heel geometry designed to provide a smooth ride at all times.

The beginnings of the Carbon X3

On May 4, 2019, Project Carbon X was held in Northern California, an event that brought together a group of the world's best ultra marathon runners to break the 50-mile record.  Three years later, the philosophy of the project remains intact.

It was the place where the new and revolutionary Hoka Carbon X was presented, the shoes with which the Hawaiian brand wants to snatch the title of the fastest running shoes from Nike and its ZoomX Vaporfly Next %.

And they couldn't start in the best way, breaking the 50-mile world record. This was at 4:50:51 until this day, which was broken by Jim Walmsley, with a time of 4:50:09.

And as Matt Head, director of shoe design at Hoka, explained at the Carbon X unveiling: "We want people to feel fast when they put the shoe on. The reason we've been successful as a brand is because our shoes are comfortable, soft and cool, and with the Hoka Carbon X we want you to run faster.

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