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Express Training: Tips for running when you're short on time

Published : 09/07/2021 10:00:00

Minimum Training Session Duration

How many times to train per week?

Priorities when you're Short on Time

Recommendations for express stretching

Exercises to reinforce a short training session

Tips for busy runners

Don't know where to find the time to exercise?

No more excuses! Many of our runners, and also beginner runners, find it difficult to find the perfect time to go for a run.

Everyone can carve 40 minutes out of their day for a run, but we need to learn how to make the most of it and get the most out of it.

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What is the minimum length of a training session to be effective?

For most coaches, a training session should be at least one hour long to be truly effective. However, there are many studies that talk about doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in order to see results.
It should be clarified that when we say at least one hour, it does not mean that we have to run for an hour straight, as a training session covers much more than just running. It means being at least one hour in motion, exercising.

For example, we can start with an abdominal session, followed by a gentle run and finish with a strengthening circuit, either with your own body or with weights. It is said that after half an hour of continuous aerobic exercise is when you start to burn fat. So, from that point on, whatever you can add, all the better.

If you can't do that, at least go for a 35 minute run with the basic and necessary warm up and post workout stretching.

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How many times do you recommend training per week?

This depends on your goal. If your goal is simply to stay fit and healthy, running three days a week is enough. But if you also want to improve your performance, it is advisable to add more days per week.

What is clear is that the more training sessions you do per week, the better you will perform and the better results you will get.

It is important to emphasise the importance of breaks. These training sessions must be alternated with sufficient rest periods so that the body can assimilate all the work and effort made.

If you look on the bright side, one of the good things about not having much time to train is that you won't overtrain.

What can you focus your training on when you're short on time?

Most people with little time to train tend to just go out for a run. When time is short, these training days are preferable to strength training. Either through strength circuits, with your own body, or with weights either at home or in the gym.

This is so important because, if a muscle is strong, it will be able to run faster, and last longer.

Priorities when you're Short on Time

We often neglect stretching due to lack of time. And many other times, this is simply an excuse not to do them and go home without stretching because we don't like it. The truth is that stretching can be boring, but looking at it from another perspective, it is tremendously effective, as well as essential.

Such is the importance of stretching that sometimes it is better to run for 5 minutes less in order to dedicate it to stretching. With this simple gesture we will avoid future injuries, which can prevent us from running. In addition, a good stretch helps us to relax our muscles and, in this way, to have a good blood circulation, which will allow us to recover faster and face the next session with strength.

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Exercises to reinforce a short training session

It is recommended to strengthen mainly the muscles that we use for running. For this reason, strength training sessions should always include exercises that work the ankle, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, trunk and shoulders.

Even so, each person knows which muscles they need to strengthen the most for running.

Tips for busy runners

The best advice is to use the little time you have to train in a varied way. For example, one day you can go for a run, another day you can run and do a strengthening circuit, another day you can run and do a running technique.

Depending on how much time you have, distribute the necessary minutes in such a way that you have enough time left for the next routine. For example: if you have 40'. then you roll 20', do 12' of technique and stretch 8'. If you have 50', then take advantage of the time and ride 30' and then do the technique and stretch, and so on.

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Finally: How do you find the time to exercise?

In most cases it's not the time that's lacking, it's the will.

If the main goal is just to keep fit, then it's easy. Because a short routine of 40 minutes or a little more is enough to keep you in shape.

We are sure that 40 minutes, 3 times a week can be done at any time. The biggest problem comes when someone wants to achieve a high performance with little time and having many hours of work or occupation, as we know that one of the bases of good performance is rest.

Most people do not like to get up early; although sometimes it is the best option. Besides, there is nothing better than going to work having done your homework ;)

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