Be Urban Running, sustainable footwear to take care of the environment

Published : 05/16/2022 12:01:36

How Be Urban Running contributes to sustainability

We work with the most environmentally friendly footwear brands

Innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes

Be Urban Running, with sustainability

At Be Urban Running we follow rigorous selection criteria for our products. We try to ensure the environmental sustainability of our articles and thus contribute to the improvement of the environment.

Some of our trail and running shoes and a large part of our sports clothing are made from environmentally friendly (recycled) materials. And they have been developed using natural materials and environmentally friendly processes. This way, when you go shopping for sports shoes, you can be sure that they are sustainable items.

If you want to buy ecological and sustainable trainers, or any sportswear that respects the planet, in our online shop you can be sure to find sustainable products, in which advanced and innovative techniques have been used to achieve a result of the highest quality.

We also collaborate in different ways from Be Urban Running to ensure sustainability in our actions and work processes.

How Be Urban Running contributes to sustainability


Be Urban Running, sustainable footwear and textiles to protect the environment

When you shop at Be Urban Running you can be confident that we are 100% committed to caring for the environment. We have taken this into our procedures so that any purchase is made in accordance with environmentally friendly parameters.

Our efforts are mainly focused on eliminating the use of plastic, as well as reducing the use of cardboard and paper, which are materials that come from the felling of trees. But cutting down trees is not the only problem, but also the environmental pollution, but also the consumption of water and energy used to produce them. Another problem is the emission of greenhouse gases used in this industry.

1. We use recycled cardboard boxes

All our products are packed in recycled cardboard boxes. Every time you buy products from Be Urban Running, you can be confident that we are using recycled materials and that you too can recycle at home.

cajas be urban running envío

2. Do not use plastic bags

Plastic is one of the main causes of environmental pollution on the planet.

We do not want to use plastic bags in any of our shipments. When you buy your trainers or sportswear online, or any other product from our shop, you will not receive any plastic bags.
a online, or any other product from our shop, you will not receive plastic bags.

3. We send electronic invoices

Nowadays there is no need to have paper invoices. Paper is a recyclable material, yes, but keep in mind that it is made from tree trunks.

Avoiding unnecessary paper consumption helps to combat the deforestation of our forests. That's why we only issue electronic invoices and send them to you by e-mail, which is much more convenient.

caja cartón reciclado

4. We use reconditioned boxes for exchanges.

If you decide to exchange a product, there is no need to waste more cardboard. We reuse boxes, which are reconditioned so that they can continue to have a new use. Before recycling, reusing reconditioned boxes helps to reduce the environmental impact even further.

5. Sustainable products on the web

Now you can also be sure that many of the shoes or sportswear you buy are 100% sustainable. We will include a logo on the website indicating the sustainability of our products, so that you can know which products have been made with the environment in mind.

6. We use raffia bags to reduce paper consumption.

Raffia bags are the best alternative to plastic bags, which have a terrible environmental impact. Raffia is a very versatile, resistant and durable fibre, so it can also be used to transport a product without having to use the typical polluting plastic bags.

7. We buy sustainable products

Our purchasing policy is also marked by the commitment we have made to the sustainability of the planet. We buy more and more sustainable products from brands that take responsibility for the environment.

We work with the most environmentally friendly footwear brands

Brands of running, trail, outdoor and sports fashion products are more conscious than ever about sustainability. That's why they are applying increasingly rigorous procedures in their production processes.

Innovative designs, the use of recycled and biodegradable materials and advanced technologies make sports fashion more environmentally friendly than ever.

adidas running y la sostenibilidad
Thus, for example, you can find that brands such as Adidas offer sustainable fabrics, such as Primeblue, a high-performance textile that has been manufactured together with Parley Ocean Plastic and is made from recycled polyester, with materials often collected from the beaches and coasts of our country.

The organisation Parley Ocean Plastic aims to eliminate environmental pollution from plastic waste in our seas and oceans. Since 2015, Adidas has been collaborating with this organisation on innovative plastic recycling projects, which has resulted in modern designs and innovative technologies that use recycled plastic components for production.

When we talk about sustainable Adidas shoes, it is inevitable to mention the adidas Ultraboost  shoes, which you can find in our online shop in different sizes and with original designs for men, women, boys and girls.

This commitment to sustainability can also be found in other sports products that you can buy at Be Urban Running, such as running shirts like the Terrex Parley Agravic Pro T-S, which in addition to being ecological also provide you with perfect ventilation and a modern design.

Some Nike models are also 100% eco-friendly. Models such as the Nike Air Max are also made using recycled materials among their components.

Many other brands of running shoes and sportswear such as Brooks, Asics, New Balance or Hoka are also committed to environmental protection. The reduction of emissions and manufacturing processes using recycled materials and modern technologies, as well as appropriate waste treatment policies, make it easier for us to build a more sustainable planet.

Many shoes replace petroleum derivatives with natural rubber. Organic cotton is also used in the fabrics of many sports garments, whose cultivation process is completely ecological and follows a procedure of good practices in the treatment of the fabric.

Innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes

It is not only the use of recycled materials to give them a new life that is environmentally friendly. Manufacturing processes are also becoming more and more environmentally friendly. In the sports products you can buy at Be Urban Running you will find brands that invest in the sustainability of their products.

We are talking about giants such as Adidas, which has a firm commitment to the use of solar energy in the supply of its factories and as a source of energy, with the ultimate goal of reaching zero emissions and a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model.

This is also visible in Nike's business philosophy, which will also power its facilities with renewable energy, aiming to achieve a 30% overall carbon footprint reduction target by 2030. All waste from the manufacture of Nike shoes is removed from landfills for recycling, and the brand diverts up to one billion plastic bottles, which it uses in the production of uppers and jerseys in its footwear.

The eco-friendly shoes are made to reduce C02 emissions, avoid harmful materials and, most importantly, have a long lifespan. The products you will buy at Be Urban Running have an excellent price-quality ratio and a great durability.

The "planned obsolescence of sports shoes", which is most common in low-quality shoes, is the worst enemy of sustainability, and that's why we always offer you the best of the best.

Be Urban Running, with sustainability

The world is the place where we run and where we do sport. If we don't take care of it, we will be the first to suffer.

Sport is synonymous with health, nature and sustainability. In fact, there is nothing more natural than running, athletics or trail running, where you often move through open spaces and where you can enjoy contact with the planet.

The sky, the earth, the water and the air. Everything is part of this paradise in which we live, and what better way to take care of it than buying responsibly the best clothes and sports footwear to enjoy this incredible pleasure that is sport.

You must also be very clear that sustainable footwear goes hand in hand with innovation and advanced technologies. The fact that recycled materials are used in the manufacturing process does not diminish the quality of the product, quite the contrary.

It is proof that brands are taking care of every detail to the extreme. Not only to provide you with comfort, performance, stability, adaptability and cushioning. It's also to give you a product that has been the result of rigorous policies of commitment to the environment.

By providing you with the best ecological footwear for running, trail, fitness and all kinds of sports, at Be Urban Running we help you to also be environmentally friendly and avoid as much as possible buying products that do not respect our environment in their materials and manufacturing processes.

In addition, you can also buy sports clothing and accessories with more comfortable and fashionable designs, always using the fabrics and treatments that respect your health and the world we live in. Discover the best sports equipment at Be Urban Running.

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