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Published : 10/05/2021 16:08:11

When to choose a spiked running shoe?

Speed spikes

Spikes shoes for middle distance

Spikes for long distance and cross country

When to choose a spiked running shoe?

Spikes are used when competing and training on tartan tracks or in cross country races.

1.- For running on the tartan track at paces equal to or less than 3 min/km. Or when the flying shoes are not as fast as the spikes.

2.- In middle-distance and long-distance track competitions (from 1,500 to 10,000 metres).

3.- State security forces and corps competitors in the 1,000m race, if they run at 3 minutes per km or less.  If not, they can use flying shoes.

4.- For the jumping and throwing events there are specific shoes.

Here you can buy all the spiked shoes that we have in Be Urban Running.

Here you can buy all the spiked shoes that we have in Be Urban Running.

It is not recommended to use spikes for marathon or asphalt running athletes when they do quality series on the athletics track. It is always more advisable to use flying shoes, the ones you will use when competing.

Of all of them, the spiked shoes for cross country or cross-country are the most protective for the foot.
The outsole is more reinforced and incorporates more rubber lugs to provide some cushioning. The spikes are slightly deeper in the plate.

An important tip: Spike shoes always run a little too small or a little too small in relation to your usual running shoe size.

Speed Spikes Shoes

ADIDAS Sprintstar

adidas sprintstar zapatillas de clavos

An athletics shoe made for speed running. With them you will be one of the fastest on the athletics track.

The outsole is a Pebax plate that will give you great reactivity in each stride and durability.

The six spikes ensure a perfect grip on the track.

Spikes shoes for middle distance

Nike Air Zoom Victory

nike clavos air zoon victoryA spike shoe for medium distance competitions, especially from 800 to 5,000 metres.

You will have good support and at the same time lightweight. Mesh upper in the latest version of Flyknit: AtomKnit. A lightweight technical mesh, which gives you an anatomical fit and increased breathability.

Laces are notched to keep them in place.

Midsole with a carbon fibre plate between the Nike ZoomX foam that is incredibly reactive and lightweight to provide optimal energy return. This in turn is combined with a Zoom Air unit to deliver efficient energy return with every stride.

6-pin outsole provides traction in all contact zones for added grip throughout your run.

World Athletics approved.

Nike Rival D 10

nike zapatillas clavos rival d10A racing shoe for competitive races between 800 and 5,000 meters, offering a cushioned and anatomical fit.

Single-layer mesh upper.

A bridge band wraps around the midfoot for secure, comfortable racing.

Phylon midsole for lightweight, responsive cushioning and anatomical toe box allows room for a roomy, comfortable fit.

Pebax plate outsole with five removable spikes for optimal traction and grip.

Weight: 277 grams (for a size 44)

Nike Zoom Rival M 9

nike zoom rival m9 clavos

Spike shoes help you gain speed. They are ideal for competitive racing. The shoes are designed for those with a highly efficient running technique.

The Nike Zoom Rival M9 is a very versatile spike shoe intended primarily for races between 800 and 1,500 meters.

You'll notice uniform and functional cushioning throughout the shoe.

The outsole has 7 spikes. And the rubber part under the heel provides perfect traction no matter how rough the surface.

The upper has an arch band in the midfoot area to provide greater safety.

They are highly breathable and very lightweight.

They will fit your foot perfectly.

ADIDAS Distancestar M

adidas distance star
A running shoe that will help you achieve your best times over long distances from 400m to 5,000m.

The adidas Distancestar has a breathable mesh upper to help wick away sweat.

Internal structure supports the foot for a more stable stride.

EVA midsole.

Rubber outsole with TPU plate with 5 spikes arranged in the areas where momentum is most efficient.

Spikes for long distance and cross country

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly

nike zapatillas clavos dragonflyDesigned to compete in middle-distance races, especially from 1,500 to 10,000 metres.

Minimalist and highly breathable mesh upper. Although it is light, it wraps the foot with a firm fit.

Anatomical toe cap design.

ZoomX foam midsole, so you'll feel a reactive rebound with every step.  You'll feel fast and efficient energy return.

6-pin Pebax injected Pebax plate outsole. It becomes a rigid propulsion platform for a powerful, reactive stride.

Leather heel pad.

World Athletics approved.

Weight only 125 grams (men's and women's size 44).

ASICS Hyper Md 7

asics hyper md 7
If they're Asics they're good.  Here you have spike shoes that are great for middle-distance running thanks to the extra cushioning.

Their secret is that they are very fast thanks to the fact that the plate takes up almost the entire sole.

The ASICS HYPER MD 7 will do just as well on the track as it does on the field.

Upper in breathable technical fabric.

Gel and EVA midsole under the heel and softer materials under the forefoot.

BROOKS Mach 19

asics hyper md 7 A very light spike shoe for long-distance, middle-distance and cross country competitions.

They will give you optimal traction thanks to the 5 spike plate with a length of 6 mm.  This makes it easy to fly over distances of 400m, 800m, 1500m and 3000m as well as high jump and long jump.

The Mach19 is an ultra-lightweight shoe, weighing only 127.6 grams.

The new upper is made with a fabric that gives you lightweight coverage, a better fit with increased durability.

The hybrid spike plate has been updated to improve durability and provide the stiffness needed to compete aggressively and grip soft terrain.

NIKE Zoom Rival Xc

nike zoom rival xc
They feature lightweight cushioning, great breathability and an innovative outsole that propels you forward.

The Nike Zoom Rival Xc spike shoes are one of the best options for long-distance and cross country competitions.

Engineered mesh upper for perfect breathability.

High cushioning thanks to its Cushion midsole.

Outsole with 6 removable spikes that guarantee a good grip and are manufactured in a very efficient and high performance design.  Thanks to the spikes in the forefoot, you can enjoy efficient traction even on difficult terrain.

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