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Basic tips for running in cold weather

Published : 10/13/2021 10:57:38

How to keep warm

More tips for running in cold weather

With autumn comes the cold, early darkness and less favourable weather conditions to go out and enjoy our passion: running. Don't worry; today we want to encourage you that all these are not excuses, but reasons to get out and run, and "warm up". So keep running...

Here we give you a few good reasons and recommendations so that inclement weather doesn't limit you when it comes to practising your favourite sport.

How to keep warm

Keep your feet, hands and head well protected. Look for technical socks that are more "plump" and breathable to wick away sweat and keep you dry.

And of course, keep your head and hands protected too, as they are where we will be most in contact with the feeling of gel. If you're feeling a bit winded or overwhelmed by wearing windbreakers or running jackets, keep your body warm with a good waistcoat, which will leave your arms free.

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Avoid using the onion technique

We don't recommend layering over layers. Four onion-style T-shirts on top of each other is no good because you will only get the "I weigh a fortune and I'm freezing" effect. You don't need to wear a lot of garments, but rather technical garments that are more suitable for maintaining your body heat and are highly breathable.

What's more, a thermoregulating thermal T-shirt (long or short) that insulates you well and maintains your body temperature will suffice. If the cold is really bad, use a wind or storm jacket, which will be a great help. Always look for quality and proven garments.

camiseta running manga larga
Get to know our long-sleeved technical T-shirts

This will keep you insulated from perspiration and cold from the first to the last kilometre.

chaqueta running

Buy a technical jacket, it will be a good ally against the cold

Avoid pharyngitis

It is a good idea to wear a scarf or a tubular scarf to protect your throat and neck, to avoid leaving this area unprotected. It is also a very comfortable garment which, if necessary, you can also wear on your head.  It is also good to train with a turtleneck.

bufanda tubular running

In winter, keep a tubular scarf handy to protect your neck from the cold

Long tights are best

Long tights will be your best ally.  No more short tights with compression, why? Quite simply, where is the protection for our beloved knees?

Long tights and compression are not incompatible with performance. What's more, they are advisable so that we can warm up as quickly as possible. Remember that the basis of good training is to maintain our body temperature. In addition, there are inexpensive, designer options for both men and women.

In case of training in very low temperatures, long tights are almost essential.

mallas larga de running

Choose your favourite men's technical tights here

Women's technical running tights, a must-have for women

More tips for running in cold weather

Work on your warm-up

Before going out for a run, warm up. Spend about 10 minutes on joint mobility and stretching exercises, so that your muscles are well prepared and perform at their best. In winter, our warm-up should be a little longer than in summer.

Don't run alone

Go training in a group or meet up with someone. If you feel a bit lazy because of the cold, knowing that you will be with someone else will help you to think less about the cold.

Wear reflective clothing

It's just as important to see, as it is to be seen, where you're running. Wear reflective clothing. And if you need to, don't be without a headlamp, especially if you're going to be training in the mountains. Safety first and foremost.

And for after training or competition

And, right after training, if you don't get home and/or can't enjoy a hot, comforting shower, you should have a change of clothes ready and dry off as quickly as possible to avoid getting cold and the dreaded winter colds.

And, as a cherry on top, if we finish off with a hot infusion, it will be a training session of 10, having protected ourselves from the cold and feeling that, if we want to, there are only REASONS to RUN; the rest are excuses, even the COLD ;)

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