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11 Tips for Running in the Rain

Published : 10/19/2021 12:20:47

Four reasons to go running in the rain

11 Tips for Running in the Rain

They say that "rain only makes it wet and that after the storm comes the calm"

For some runners, rain is not a good friend, but for others it's an extra motivation to get out and train.

Four reasons to go running in the rain

Smells like grass and wet earth

Rain can have many effects but the most common is the pleasant smell of wet earth after a good downpour. This pleasant smell brings peace of mind and increases in intensity the longer it has gone without rain, or if the downpour is large.

We want to smell like that and we want each of our strides to dry up any puddles that may have remained, is there a better sensation than that?

We've all had it at some point and it's hard to explain. When we see that the sky is overcast, cloudy and that in the background we are going to hear "Let it rain, let the Virgin of the Cave rain..." our question is always the same: Is it going to rain for a long time or will it stop after the downpour?

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We're starting to feel "anxious" and we can see that if the rain doesn't stop, we're going to miss today's training session. And we're hoping that it's just four drops of nothing.

We have the feeling of being "locked in" and that there is something we can't control. It's getting closer to training time and fortunately, although it's been more than just a light rain, it has finally stopped.

The sky is clear

So if it rains you can wait for it to stop, it's usually a great day afterwards with clear skies.

As it rains I go for a run

Yes, there are also those for whom water is an incentive.  They are brave and even the rain doesn't stop them: RUN under it!!!, the important thing is that you enjoy our passion!!! Because, what if the rainbow comes out?

Running under water is one of the pleasures that we should not give up. In Ramón Oliu's book, L'essència del Córrer, written in 1979 and a pioneer in running literature, the author says that "running in the rain is just another phase in the training of any regular runner".

Feeling the rain directly on your skin can be very pleasurable, which is why he recommends not covering up too much, although the clothes you wear should be appropriate. Check out these 11 tips to help you.

11 Tips for Running in the Rain

1. If it rains a lot where you live you should know that as everything has evolved we have shoes with specific water repellent technologies.

Our feet will be protected and dry and it will be even more satisfying to go running after it has rained. If you're worried about slipping, Adidas, Mizuno and Asics all have shoes with an outsole that works well on wet surfaces.

When shopping, look for the Continental outsole from Adidas, the Smoothride from Mizuno or the Ahar+ from Asics.

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2.- Don't forget to hydrate yourself. Your body needs a minimum amount of water when you exercise, whether it's raining, cold or not.

Warm up at home or take cover. Don't forget to warm up just because it's raining, in fact, you may have to stop a little longer in the exercises you usually do. Keep in mind that a wet and cold environment can increase the risk of muscle injuries.

4.- On a rainy day it is better to forget the series or turn the session into an intense training session. Vary your plan with the idea of enjoying yourself while exercising in a more relaxed way. Intensity in the rain can be "very expensive" due to the risk of injuries, slips...

5.- Make sure that the circuit you choose today will be free of tricky or problematic areas. Rain can wreak havoc and you must make sure that you run without risk. Avoid areas that could be slippery due to mud or very wet.

6.- Wear technical running clothing that is water-repellent and breathable.

If you train in soggy fabrics (such as cotton)

a- You will be more uncomfortable
b- The weight of the garment will increase.
c- It will cause chafing in sensitive areas.

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If you opt for a waterproof garment, make sure it's not just plastic. Today we have at our disposal garments that repel water as well as offering great breathability to avoid running "inside a sauna".

If you tend to get chafing despite the right clothing, rain can increase the chance of chafing. Therefore, use Vaseline on those sensitive places and/or where you have suffered from chafing.

7.- Bear in mind that in rainy conditions visibility is greatly reduced. It's not so much a question of you being able to see well, but of being seen by others. Wear brightly coloured clothing, and if it has reflective elements, even better...

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8.- If it's one of those days when the rain is accompanied by wind, you may need to wear a hooded garment. Failing that, a cap that fits well with a visor, which covers your face, will also protect you.

9.- If you normally use a mobile phone or gadgets on your outings, protect them inside waterproof clothing to avoid possible damage.

10.- Return to the start. Take cover to stretch at the end of your workout and don't let your body cool down too much. A contrast shower is one of the best endings to your run today.

11.- Lastly, remember to wash your clothes and dry your shoes as soon as possible so that they are ready for the next day. Tucking paper towels or similar into them helps to remove moisture from the inside of them more quickly.

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