Discover Banana Moon's bikinis

Published : 07/20/2022 08:19:29

Discover Banana Moon

Banana Moon unites design with quality

A brief summary of the history of Banana Moon

We are in summer. If you are a girl you will probably need a bikini, or two, heh, heh.

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Discover Banana Moon

Banana Moon is a Monegasque brand of bikinis and accessories related to the bathroom, hats, beach dresses, towels...

It is a brand focused on enhancing the beauty of the woman's body with the sobriety and elegance that characterize her garments.

In some cases you can buy the complete bikini and in others the briefs and the top are sold separately. So create your combinations of clothes for the beach or pool much more freely.

banana moon bikini summer 2022

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At Be Urban we have opted for them because of their good quality and good result what they give

In addition, according to our clients, they are very comfortable and the patterns are very well done for the female body.

Banana Moon unites design with quality

They stand out for the elegance combined with the energy of their shapes and all the vitality of their colors.

Our clients and product specialists also tell us about the features that stand out most in Banana Moon:

  • The quality of the lycra whose thickness is just right to avoid undesirable transparencies.
  • The different cups, with triangular or bandeau design.
  • The silky touch of most of its fabrics.
  • The possibility of combining a bikini with a beach dress, achieving a total look.
  • The durability of bikinis.

banan moon bikini top

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A brief summary of the history of Banana Moon

These are not newcomers. The brand began in 1984 by immersing itself fully in the universe of vacations and the American dream.

Its creators started with the designer Nat Maori, a young stylist who lived in the United States. And they opted for a decidedly Californian design of the brand, which achieved international success.

The brand evolved over the years into a multivitamin universe, combining the experience of European elegance with the Californian lifestyle.

Beachwear, prêt-à-porter and accessories items were added to the brand's swimwear collections.

Banana Moon is consolidated by adopting a casual and sporty style, with a sexy touch, always looking for a trendy look. And obviously it should always have a touch of femininity, a pinch of freshness and a little joie de vivre.

To further establish itself at the top of the fashion world, in 2006, Banana Moon developed the Banana Moon Haute Couture line in collaboration with designers from the world of luxury and prêt-à-porter. Generating a chic universe brimming with glamour.

Already in 2012 Banana Moon was inspired by the Millennial generation and created the Banana Moon Joven line. It is a very colorful, sporty and urban style. That adopts the codes of the Millennial generation with a trendy and fun look

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