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A menú for Mother's Day

Published : 04/22/2022 10:33:32

Mum: "I'm cooking today"!

Recipe for the main course of the meal

For the afternoon snack and dinner

Mother's Day is coming, and if you look at the things she does for you compared to the things you do for her, it's usually an unbalanced list where she wins.

Today we propose a slightly different celebration. The idea is simply that your mother should stay out of the kitchen all day Sunday.

To do so, we are going to explain a recipe for the midday meal. And several recommendations for the rest of the meals to be eaten throughout the day.

The differential detail will be that she will be accompanied and pampered throughout the day, rather than only at mealtimes.

Mum: "I'm cooking today"!

You will be familiar with the phrases "Nobody cooks like my mother!", "My mother's croquettes are the best!", "Well, my mother's lentils are second to none!".  You will have heard them said by yourself or by other people.

For everyone, the taste of their mother's cooking is the best.  They are memories and sensations that are engraved in our hearts. We love to relive the fact that mum prepares her star dish for us, the Sunday meals where we get together as a family?

So, what if this Sunday you take charge of the meal and surprise your mum with a special menu from breakfast to dinner?

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Take charge of the kitchen and make your mother enjoy the day!

Start the day with a star breakfast (you can choose from the following proposals):

Coffee with milk or an infusion.

Fruit salad (pineapple, kiwi and banana).

Toast of cereal bread with tomato, turkey breast and fresh goat's cheese.

Afterwards, go for a walk and make the most of the Sunday sunshine, which in May is already starting to warm up nicely.   On the way back, prepare a fresh strawberry, orange and mango juice.  It's very simple, just take the fruit, peel it, blend it well and enjoy a good dose of vitamins and minerals.

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Recipe for the main course of the meal

Have you ever thought about working on that skill you learnt from mum?....  For this we propose the following dish: grouper in sauce with wholemeal macaroni.

For this you will need:

mero para comer


    Red pepper





    White wine


    Wholemeal macaroni

And now to cook:

1- First sauté the garlic and onion, add the cayenne and the chopped pepper.

2- When it is ready, add the tomato and a little white wine, leave to evaporate and add a spoonful of cornflour diluted in water to thicken the sauce.

3- Then season the pieces of grouper with salt and pepper and cook them with the sauce.

4- Meanwhile, while you are preparing all the above, boil the macaroni.  Look carefully at the packet. As they are wholemeal, we remind you that they require a longer cooking time than the usual 8/10 minutes.

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For the afternoon snack and dinner

In the middle of the afternoon you can surprise her with a natural yoghurt with strawberries, muesli, nuts and a touch of honey.

And for the last meal of a special day:

How about a salad with prawns, hard-boiled egg, smoked salmon and avocado? A simple menu that can be made by the older children as well as the parents, I encourage you to do it!

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