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Published : 11/09/2021 10:18:06

Top 5 reasons to shop before Black Friday

The Alternative: Shop before the last Friday in November

I'm so nervous!

The last Friday of November is approaching... You're looking forward to Black Friday... With its discounts, sales, offers...

However, it might not be the best day, nor the best weekend, to buy something you are looking for, no matter how much you want it.

If you're really interested in something, it might be worthwhile to bring your purchase forward so you don't miss out on it.

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Top 5 reasons to shop before Black Friday

1.- You may be left without your desired item

In the month of November, online shopping grows exponentially. And people tend to buy what they are looking for when they find it.  For example, many of our customers are already buying their Christmas presents and so it's one thing they have already done.
So, when you are clear about what item you want to buy, it may be that many other people want it too.  That's why you'd better be the first to buy it.  Because we know experiences of customers who have been left without an item that they were going to buy later, in a while... And soon after their size was gone.

Another reason that should be mentioned is that this year 2021 is also different from previous years.  Because due to all the problems caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the supply of sporting goods has been restricted.  Because, due to the temporary closure of many factories, brands have put fewer items on the market than in previous years.

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2.- Your size may be out of stock

In shoes, size 43 for men and 38 for women are the first sizes to be sold.   

If it's a recently released shoe, or in a colour you really like, buy it!

Also keep in mind that models are not usually restocked.  Brands release new editions or different colours.

nike pegasus shield

The Nike Pegasus is always a reference

3.- Bank card payment terminals collapse

Yes, there are times when payment gateways collapse.  And in the interim, you may run out of your size. 

Or you may have to start the purchasing process again later, with all the inconvenience that entails.

camiseta running manga larga

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4.- If you are in a hurry to get your purchase, you may not receive it in time

Courier services also collapse.  Their deliveries and collections multiply.  So many deliveries can no longer be delivered the next day, but arrive two or three days, or even a week late.

The people who work at Be Urban Running do their utmost to ensure that deliveries arrive on time.  But sometimes there is nothing more we can do.

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5.- If you want to exchange the item, there can also be problems

Firstly, due to the large increase in shipments, many collections are made later.

It is also more likely that the size of the item you want to exchange will be sold out.
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The Alternative: Shop before the last Friday in November

At Be Urban Running we are putting a lot of offers throughout the month of November so you can get a head start on your shopping.

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