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Be Urban Running is also your online swimwear shop.  We have a great swimming shop section with clothing for women swimmers.

Women's swimming suit are the type of women's swimming sportswear available at Be Urban Running.

The fabrics of swimming costumes for women

The fabrics used in the making of swimming costumes for women are technical. We use fabrics such as polyester, nylon, polyamide... mixed with fibres such as elastane, lycra... which give them the necessary elasticity to adapt perfectly to the swimmer's body.

In recent months these same fibres have been incorporated but made from recycled fabrics.  So swimming costumes made from sustainable fabrics have been appearing.

SPEEDO has created Endurance+ fabric, which is chlorine-resistant and highly durable.

ADIDAS makes some of its swimming costumes with Infinitex Fitness Eco, which is 78% Recycled Nylon and 22% Elastane.

Brands of swimming costumes for women that we have on the Be Urban Running website:

Puma swim suit for women.
Women's swimming suit Speedo
Women's swimming suit Adidas

You can also find them in one of our 12 physical shops.  

Advantages of shopping at Be Urban Running   

You will receive your swimwear the day after you place your order (for most of our deliveries, if it's a small town it may take longer).  

You have the option to pick up your purchase at one of our shops or at a Post Office.

You have 1 year to return or exchange your purchase free of charge.

And if you are more of a walk-in customer, Be Urban Running will be happy to help you. You can access the entire catalogue of glasses that we have. If they don't have it at that moment, they can order it from another shop.

Take care of your health

Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exists for an athlete.  It exercises your breathing, arm and leg movements intensely.

Apart from generating benefits in your breathing capacity, body and aesthetics, we emphasize that swimming is a non-impact exercise.  

Swimming also relieves the strain on the joints from the effort they are subjected to out of the water.  Thus, when we dive, the effort on the joints is seven times less than out of the water.

Swimming also provides relaxation and concentration.

Any age is good for swimming. And to prove it, it is recommended to take babies from a few months old to learn to swim in the pool.  From then on they will never be afraid of water.

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