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From BeUrbanRunning we want you to train with the best footwear of the market, that is why we have the best fitness brands and models of the market.  

We offer a personalised service for each customer both in our physical shops and on the web, as we have a WhatsApp where we will answer all the doubts that may arise.

We know that a very important part of running is strength training, whether it is weight training in a gym or crossfit. That is why we offer shoes for this type of sport.

Which fitness shoes to buy

For each sport you need different shoes, you don't use the same shoes for running as for crossfit. That is why we have specific shoes for each sport.

While for running we will use shoes with good cushioning and more flexible, for fitness we will use more stable shoes with less cushioning.

The choice of a good shoe, adapted to the physical exercise that we are going to do, will avoid possible injuries and will make us have a better performance.

So that you can choose the shoe that best suits the sport you are going to practice, we have a team of professionals who will advise you at all times.

Which brands will you find in BeUrbanRunning?

All the models that appear on our website can be found in our physical shops, you also have the option to buy them online and pick them up in one of our shops.

In Be Urban Running you will find brands like Nike, with its well-known model like the Metcon with a great variety of colours or Under Armour with its star model Reign.


Depending on the fitness activity that we are going to do, we will look for different characteristics in the shoes.

For Cross training we will look for stiffer shoes, with a good rubber sole for a better grip, a larger surface area and little cushioning for more stability.

While for Hit training we will look for more flexible shoes and with more cushioning for the impacts.

As in running or in any sport, it is very important to choose the right footwear to avoid any type of injury and to be able to carry out the activity correctly.

We help you in the choice of your shoes

Whether you want to make the purchase in one of our physical shops or through our website, you will have a team available for you. They will advise you so that you can buy the shoes that best suit your needs.

We have a WhatsApp to answer any questions you may have about orders, shipments...

Receive your order in 24 hours, and enjoy the first exchange and return totally free.  
In BeUrbanRunning we have your favourite running, trail, athletics and fitness products.

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