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Every sportswoman knows that it is very important to protect and support your breasts during sport.

During sport, the breasts move up and down, sideways, forwards and backwards.  These movements, which can be sudden, can cause the breasts to sag prematurely or more quickly.

Avoid confusing "squeezing" with "crushing". It is not the intended effect to make your breasts feel constricted and make it difficult to breathe.

What fewer women know is that a sports bra can be very suitable and beneficial in your daily life or for going to work.  Women who work in activities such as: catering, gardening, hotels, childcare, warehouses, factories, etc. wear a sports bra.

Although in spring and summer the sports bra gains strength, as it can be the only garment that covers your chest.

Be Urban Running is specialised in Running, but we have sports bras for more activities. And they will also suit women whose work involves a lot of physical activity.

What to take into account when choosing a sports bra

The size and weight of your bust
The need for support depending on the sport you are going to do.
Whether you are looking for a certain look or you don't care.

Characteristics of a sports bra

It is essential that they are made of technical and breathable fabrics.
It will help us to avoid unnecessary hot flushes and/or skin problems due to chafing.

Underwired bras are never suitable for activities that involve physical movement.

When we talk about sports bras made with technical fabrics we are referring to materials such as: Nylon, Spandex, Elastane, Polyester and Lycra.

Nylon and polyester create the body of the fabric.  Spandex, elastane and lycra are fibres that give flexibility to the garment.

Regarding cotton, in sports bras we should avoid using those with cotton in their composition. Cotton is a natural fibre, the best for clothing, but not recommended for use in sports.

Cotton is not very breathable and accumulates body sweat.  It can increase the weight of the garment by up to 80%.  This leads to discomfort, chafing and skin irritation.

The technologies in the fibres for greater breathability are:

    Nike and Dri-fit
    Adidas with ClimaCool - ClimaLite
    Under Armour and HeatGear

Lightweight support for low-impact activities: activities such as yoga, pilates, road cycling, swimming, skating, cross-country skiing, golf, weight training in the gym...

Medium support for medium impact activities: the straps are wider to give more stability to the chest. They are recommended for athletes with a large chest size and who are going to perform low-impact activities, but need that extra support.

High support for high impact activities: these are very energetic activities, with sudden and fast movements, involving jumping or running, so maximum support is needed. Running, tennis, dance, or team sports (football, basketball, volleyball...).

To choose the best sports bra:

You must take into account the two key measurements: trunk circumference and cup circumference.

1) Measure the circumference of your chest: with the tape measure, place it just below the chest, around the entire trunk and ribs. Check that the tape is snug, and breathe out in a relaxed posture.
Round to the nearest whole number.

2) Measure the cup: pass the measuring tape over the largest area of the chest.

It is normal that depending on the brand of bra the sizes may vary slightly.  Therefore, check the size guide of each manufacturer, as they usually give advice on how to know your size.

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