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The history of women's tracksuits has evolved as sporting practices and society have evolved.  In the latter case, we are talking about some urban fashions.

The tracksuit began as a sports garment to wear before and after training.  There was also a time when it was fashionable for women and men to train with their tracksuits on... Although we are lucky enough to have seen the appearance of very technical garments that keep you warm while you train and allow you to do so in total comfort.

On our website Be Urban Running and in all our shops you have a collection of women's tracksuits from the best sports brands.

We have different models of tracksuits, some have a hood. Others have a full zip jacket.  Some are made in cotton fabric, others in lighter and more breathable polyester fabric ....

Buy your women's tracksuit at Be Urban Running

The tracksuit is a sports garment that all sporty women have, or have had and worn at some time. A tracksuit is always two pieces: a jacket or a sweatshirt as a top and a pair of trousers that are always comfortable to wear together.

Some of the jackets or sweatshirts have a hood. Others don't. And that can be an element that identifies you with a social or sporty trend.

If you start researching sports fashion from the 1970s onwards, you will discover the stages of women's tracksuits.  Since then, they have been related to the skater, break dance, hip hop, rapper cultures... which are social fashions that have been popularising their daily use.

There is also an antagonistic side to the use of the tracksuit for which it was created.  Because there are those who wear them in a totally sedentary life. Weekend life, at the campsite, in the village?

When you are a mother there is also a fantastic aspect of tracksuits. It's when you have to dress your children in a comfortable and warm garment.  Especially when they're little and play on the floor half the day.

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