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Every sportswoman has her own tastes and preferences, and to satisfy them, at Be Urban Running we have a wide range of products. And especially for girls who are used to practising sport with tights, we have a lot of references to choose from.

As in every sport it is better to wear suitable clothing, we have different models of tights. Some are designed and manufactured for running, others for trail running, and others for fitness. And you can find them in many different colours.

Our sports tights for women

At Be Urban Running we always offer quality technical sportswear from the best brands worldwide.

We are specialists in running, trail, athletics and fitness.  And we regularly receive collections of exclusive products from leading brands such as Nike, adidas, Brooks, Hoka...

Among all the women's running tights that we have on our website and physical shops, we can differentiate them into:

Women's running tights

Trail running tights for women

Fitness tights for women

And the different types of tights we have are:

Long tights

Short tights

Three-quarter tights or Capri tights

Shorts with inner tights, which would be 2 in 1.

All of these are available in different colours, fabrics and brands, so that the athlete has different options when choosing the tights that best suit their needs.

The leading brands of tights at Be Urban Running

Always bear in mind that when practising sport it is very important to wear the right clothes.  In the case of tights, they must be: breathable, lightweight, fit snugly and do not chafe the skin.

That is why we have the best brands on the market in the manufacture of technical sports tights. You can find women's tights from these brands both on our website and in our physical shops:

Nike women's tights

Women's tights ADIDAS

Women's tights Asics

Women's tights La Sportiva

Women's tights Lurbel

New Balance Women's tights

Women's tights Under Armour

Features of women's sports tights

Leading sports brands are always innovating with technical fabrics that are increasingly lightweight, breathable and do not cause chafing.  This is a must in tights. Each brand uses different technologies and fabrics.

Nike uses its own Dri-Fit technology.  It provides breathability and elasticity, to run or practice any sport in a comfortable way.

Lurbel incorporates iDT technology in its garments, made with multifilaments of carbonized bamboo, which eliminates odour and favours breathability in the mesh.

ADIDAS makes its technical garments with AEROREADY fabric, which will keep you dry at all times.

These are some of the technologies used by some of the brands we have in our physical shops and on our website.

Buying on our website is easy and simple

Place your order on the web and receive your order in 24 working hours.  And we give you a period of 1 year free of charge for exchanges or returns.

If you have any questions you can contact us via WhatsApp 652 658 476. We will inform you about the products on sale or about the purchase process before and after placing your order.

Be Urban Running is your trusted shop.

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