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Women's skirts for sport in the most feminine way possible.  It is an uncommon garment, but it is there.

There are sports such as tennis, padel, hockey, golf... in which, when they were practiced by women, the skirt has been an absolutely established garment.  But in others, such as running, only a few models have appeared.

And it goes without saying that in the world of fashion, the skirt has always been a star element.  

At Be Urban Running we have skirts for sporting activities and skirts for the latest streetwear fashions.

As in the vast majority of garments we have the materials that compose them have some elasticity thanks to being made of fabrics that incorporate fibers such as elastane, lycra, spandex ....

And speaking of these fabrics, we must also mention their lightness.  Polyamide and polyester will make you feel comfortable wherever you are going to wear your sports skirt.

The most fashionable thing that has been created is a sports skirt with short lycra tights inside.  This way you dress in a very feminine way with great protection and comfort thanks to the tights.

So you can practice sport with them no matter what movements you make, whether your skirt moves or not, because you know that underneath it is a short tights covering everything.

When you train and/or compete in a sports skirt you are highlighting your passion for styling. An ideal look to give you a sophisticated and elegant look.  If you are very classic you can combine this skirt with a polo shirt.

If you dress in casual fashion, we suggest a combination consisting of a sport skirt, a light blouse and canvas trainers, high or low, and you will get an outfit of the most unique and personalized.

Brands of sport skirts in Be Urban Running

Calvin Klein sports skirt
Guess running skirt
Sports skirt by Lurbel
Sports skirt by Puma
Sports skirt by Under Armour

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