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If you are a sporty woman and/or a woman who dresses in sporty fashion, at Be Urban Running we have trousers for your favourite sport or for your everyday life.  Here you will find the perfect trousers for whatever you are going to do.

We have different types of trousers, designed for different sports and activities.

We must be clear that depending on the sport we are going to do, we will have to use trousers with some specific characteristics.

For example, running trousers must be very breathable and not too long.
On the other hand, fitness trousers should allow more freedom of movement and be slightly longer to provide more coverage.

Trousers from various brands on the Be Urban Running website

In order to satisfy the greatest number of preferences and tastes of our sporty customers, in Be Urban Running you will find all these brands:

ADIDAS women's trousers

Women's trousers EA7

Women's trousers Asics

Women's trousers Billabong

Calvin Klein women's trousers

Campion Women's Pants

Helly Hansen Women's Pants

Nike Women's Pants

Kaotiko Women's Pants

Puma Women's Trousers

Remember that they are also available in one of our physical shops.

Types of women's trousers

Among the different types of trousers we highlight the following:

Shorts or sports shorts for women.

2 in 1 shorts: shorts with a short mesh inside, to give protection and comfort. They allow you total freedom of movement.

Women's sports or casual shorts

And of course, each pair of shorts will be made in a different fabric: cotton, fleece, recycled polyester, viscose, elastane... Plus a wide range of colours and prints.

If you subscribe to our newsletter you will be able to find out about limited editions of trousers from brands such as Nike, New Balance, ADIDAS, etc.  

The characteristics of the trousers are important

Depending on the sport the trousers are intended for, they will have different characteristics. Here are some of these particularities:

Trail running trousers: These are trousers with a slightly more resistant fabric and are a little longer than the running trousers.  The pockets at the waist allow you to store gels, bars... Some of them also have loops to put the poles in the back of the waist.

Running trousers: these are usually the shortest trousers, between 5 and 10 cm. They stand out for being very light and breathable.  They usually have a small pocket to keep some gel or keys.

Fitness trousers are made of thicker and more resistant fabrics, in order to better withstand chafing and impacts. They are also usually longer, above the knees.

Shipping from Be Urban Running   

When you buy your trousers you will normally receive them the day after you place your order.

You also have the option to pick it up at one of our shops or at a Post Office.

We give you a commercial guarantee of up to 1 year to return or exchange your purchase free of charge.

And if you prefer to go to the shop, in Be Urban Running we will assist you in the best way, being able to access the entire catalogue of trousers we have.

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