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Women's outdoor shoes are also called low boots for walking in the mountains.  Although in recent years they have evolved their design to look more like trail running shoes.

These outdoor shoes that we have on the Be Urban Running website are recommended for trails and paths of low or medium difficulty.  They are light shoes that allow you to walk in places where there are usually stones and branches.

They tend to be a little heavier than trainers and the outsole is thicker and stiffer.

They have a more constructed upper than trainers.  The girls, when they try them on or walk with them on the asphalt, find them uncomfortable at first.  But another thing is that when they walk on uneven paths and with stones, they notice that they step much better than with any other footwear. And they also protect their joints from the unevenness of the ground.

With the lugging of the outer sole you get a firm grip on the ground and adequate traction, and the already explained protection from pebbles and branches where you step.

Walking with good shoes in the mountains avoids injuries and overloads.

Buy at Be Urban Running and receive your purchase very comfortably at home in 24-48h.

The brands of outdoor shoes at Be Urban Running

Outdoor shoes for women Hi Tech

Outdoor shoes for women Izas

Outdoor shoes for women Salomon

When you have doubts or questions

Among our staff we have knowledgeable mountain salesmen who will help you to choose the right shoes.  They will let you know which ones best suit your characteristics and needs as a hiker or mountaineer.

You can see that at the bottom right of the Web you can see the icon of our WhatsApp channel.  Write to us there to ask any kind of doubt you may have about outdoor shoes. Or you can send us an audio and finish before.

Outdoor shoes that we have in Be Urban Running

Write in the search engine of the web "outdoor shoes" or the specific model that you want to buy.

In the upper menu of the web you can choose Woman and then in shoes, choose outdoor shoes.

Remember that our technical sales team will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

If you do not find the size of the shoes you are looking for or the model, do not hesitate to ask us and we will try to get you the size or model you are looking for.

If there is your size: buy it now !!!! Normally we have few units and then we don't have any more of that model.
Remember that the return and the first size exchange are free of charge.

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