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Women's outdoor boots have always been called hiking boots, or boots for walking in the mountains.  If you take a look, you will see that now they have a more sporty trail running style.

The outdoor boots for women that we have at Be Urban Running are intended for low to medium difficulty routes.  They usually have a light to medium weight, if you compare them with the more rigid and technical boots.

They also weigh a bit more than trainers and their outsole is thicker and stiffer. But all this allows you to walk on mountain trails, rocky paths and forest tracks.

The upper is higher than normal shoes.  When you try them on, they may seem uncomfortable, or if you walk in the city and on asphalt.  But when you walk on an uneven and rocky path, you will forget about that feeling.  It is higher to protect your joints from those irregularities of the ground where you walk.

The outsole has a pronounced tread pattern that will give you a firm grip on the ground and adequate traction wherever you step. And they also protect your feet at all times from the existing irregularities.

When you are well shod in the mountains you avoid injuries and overloads.

Buy now at Be Urban Running and if you live in a large town, you will receive your purchase at home the next day (if we can arrange it before 15h).

Choose your brand of boots at Be Urban Running

Outdoor boots for women from the brand Hi Tech

Outdoor boots for women from the brand Izas

Outdoor boots for women from the Salomon brand

And if you have any doubts or questions?

Be Urban Running has knowledgeable people to advise you on which boots to choose. Those that best suit your characteristics and needs as a mountain walker.

You can see the icon of the WhatsApp channel where you can write to us to ask any questions you have about outdoor boots.  

Get to know the boots we have in Be Urban Running

To see our articles, in the top menu of the web you can choose Woman and then in shoes, choose Outdoor Boots.

Another option is to write in the search engine outdoor boots or, if you know, the specific model you want to buy.

Remember that our technical team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

In case you can't find the size of the boots you are looking for or the model, don't hesitate to ask us and we will try to find the size or model for you.

And if you find your size, we recommend you to buy it now !!!! Normally we have few units and then we don't have any more of that model.
Remember that the return and the first size exchange are free of charge.

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