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If you are a girl athlete who participates in long-distance or cross events, in Be Urban Running you will find the spiked shoes with which you will give your best version in these distances.

We don't need to remind you that to compete at the highest level it is essential to run with the right shoes and the right size of spikes for the discipline we are going to compete in.

We will help you.  We have a team made up of athletes who will advise you on the choice of the spike shoes that best suit your needs.

Which cross or long distance spikes to buy

When competing in cross-country and long-distance events, we must wear IAAF-approved shoes.  In spiked competitions there are usually no problems, but in asphalt races there are some shoes that are forbidden for official competitions.

The competitions considered as long-distance events are those with distances between 3,000 metres and 10,000 metres.

We must also take into account the size of the spikes, since for example for cross events we will use 9 mm spikes, and for long-distance events on trails, we will use 3 mm spikes.

When we are going to run a cross, the terrain is important, since, if it is a dry surface with stones, it will not be necessary to compete with spikes shoes, we will use flying shoes.

As longer distances are covered, the shoes for long-distance events have more cushioning than those for speed and middle-distance events.

Brands that you will find in Be Urban Running

Due to the fact that the brands consider us as a shop specialised in running, trail and athletics, we have very exclusive models and a great variety of spiked shoes for long-distance and cross.

In BeUrbanRunning you will be able to find spikes shoes of these brands:

Spikes shoes for long-distance and cross Nike

Spikes shoes for long distance and cross country Adidas

Spikes shoes for long distance and cross Asics.

You will be able to choose between a great variety of colours and models to give the hundred per cent in every competition.
in every competition.


The excessive use of spiked shoes can cause injuries and foot problems, as it is a shoe with hardly any structure and cushioning.

From the Be Urban Running team, we recommend that you use them for specific moments, such as competition days and for specific moments in training, such as specific series... For the rest of the moments, controlled or faster runs... use better running shoes, whether they are for competition or training.

To avoid injuries and to be more efficient in running, we must do running technique exercises, to have a better stride and stride.

We help you in the choice of your running shoes

We want you to find your ideal shoes, that's why we have a Whatsapp available to answer any questions you may have at the time of purchase. Behind this is a team specialised in athletics, to help you with everything you need to know.

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