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If you are an athlete who competes in sprint races, at BeUrbanRunning we have the perfect spike shoes for your competitions.

Remember how important it is to choose the right shoes when competing. The wrong size, a model that is not suitable for that discipline ... can make you lose a few seconds and even injure you.  That's why we have a team of professionals specialized in athletics, to advise you and help you in the choice of your speed spike shoes for women.

Think about this before choosing your speed shoes:

To compete in track and field competitions, the shoes must be IAAF approved.

For such short distances, we forget the fastest asphalt models and choose super-lightweight spike shoes.

The speed competitions go up to 400 meters, including the 400 meters. Very stiff shoes are used, with minimal or even no cushioning. They have no heel, since in these events the athletes step on the metatarsus and the heel is not supported at any time during the race.

In speed events, very light and reactive shoes are needed to go as fast as possible.

Every runner is different, with particular preferences.  Therefore, in Be Urban Running we have six and five spikes shoes, so that each athlete can choose the model that best suits her characteristics and tastes.

Brands and models of spikes shoes

Be Urban Running is a store specializing in athletics, so we have very exclusive models on the market, we also have a wide variety of spikes shoes.

In BeUrbanRunning you will find these brands in speed spikes shoes

Nike speed spikes shoes

Adidas speed spikes shoes

Asics speed spikes shoes.

We have a wide variety of colors and models for your competition days.

Recommended use

As you already know, spikes are more harmful than running shoes. An excessive use of these can cause injuries, so we have to be careful with their use, it is not recommended to wear them at all times.

We recommend that they should only be used for specific training sessions and on competition days. For the rest, it is advisable to use running shoes, whether they are training shoes for training runs or competition shoes for series.
It is important to have a refined running technique, this will also prevent us from injuries and we will gain speed. For this we will have to train this, with different exercises that will make us refine our stride.


In BeUrbanRunning we want you to find your perfect spike shoes, the ones that fit your characteristics, needs and tastes, so we have a
Whatsapp to answer all the questions you may have when buying your shoes.

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