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BeUrbanRunning has as one of its main objectives is that every woman runner can buy the running shoe that best suits her needs and tastes. So we have a wide variety of running shoes and a technical team specialized in this sport.

We are a store specializing in running, and we sell original articles of the world's leading brands. For this reason we have exclusive models of brands such as Nike, Hoka One One, Adidas, New Balance, Asics, Saucony...

What kind of every day running shoes for women to buy?

First of all, any girl runner should know how she walks. If she is a pronator or on the contrary we have a neutral footprint. Depending on this, we will have these types of running shoes:

- Neutral everyday running shoes

- Running shoes with stability propierties

Using these filters will lead you to the shoes with these characteristics.

Secondly, we must take into account the distance we are going to run, this is related to the cushioning of the shoe. The longer the distance, the more cushioning is recommended.

Here we find these types:

- Shoes with maximum cushioning.

- Cushioned shoes.

- Shoes with low cushioning.

Here also the personal factor comes in, if we like a softer or a little harder cushioning.

As with distance, pace will be a key factor in the choice of running shoes. At a slower running pace, more cushioning will be more advisable.

The weight of the runner will influence the durability of the shoe.
All these aspects are important when choosing your training shoes, so that you do not suffer injuries when you go running.

Models and brands of every day running shoes

At Be Urban Running you will find a wide variety of models and brands, in different colors.  And you can choose from all these brands:

- Adidas every day running  shoes

- Nike every day running shoes

- Asics every day running shoes

- New Balance every day running shoes

- Hoka One One every day running shoes

- Brooks every day running shoes

- Saucony every day running shoes
- Mizuno every day running shoes

- Under Armour every day running shoes

Within each brand you can find more cushioned shoes, less, of one color or another, with stability control, neutral ... All these are designed for you to enjoy the most of this sport.

Personalized advice    

We know that it is not easy to choose among the more than 300 running shoes that we have on our website. That's why we have a specialized team to offer you a personal and quality advice.

In Be Urban Running you will find the shoes that best suit your needs. Do not hesitate to write us if you use a special width or large size, as well as if you have any questions you have when buying your running shoes.

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