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Be Urban Running is your specialist online shop for running, trail, fitness and athletics shoes and clothing. And here you can find specifically technical running shoes, running trainers, running shoes, running trainers and in some places running shoes.

Our mission is to offer you the best running shoes and also to inform you about the importance of wearing the right shoes whether you are running on the road, in the mountains, on the tartan or even when you go to the gym.

The best shoes are simply those that are the most suitable for the activity you are going to do.

In this section you will find exclusive running shoes for men, offering different technical qualities for running. And always at a fantastic quality-price ratio.

In our online shop and in our physical shops you can find top models from the best sports brands in the world.  And they are always original items.

The adidas Boston or Adios Pro, Nike Vaporfly Next, Pegasus, Vomero... Brooks Ghost and Glycerin, the Hoka Carbon and Bondi, the Asics Nimbus, the New Balance 1080... These are some of the best shoes for fast, cushioned running.

And if you're a runner with a pronator, check out the latest version of the Asics Kayano

Nike and adidas  are the most famous brands that spend the most on advertising. And there are also smaller, well-established brands that only sell running gear.

All runners have their favourite brand or model. And sometimes it is good to be guided by the specialists in the technical shops to choose a different model or brand.

Remember that the best-selling shoe is not always going to fit you... The fit and the sensations you get when you step on your feet are essential when deciding which shoe to buy. Our physique and footprint are unique. We must test the shoe well and banish some deep-rooted beliefs.

In Be Urban Running we have sports shoes for any person whatever their weight and height.  We have shoes for neutral and pronator footsteps.

We also have the most suitable footwear for running on asphalt.  And of course for all kinds of distances, from a 5k to a Marathon.

Enjoy running!

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