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sports bra high support

High support sports bra

Here we have the most supportive sports bras that tuck the bust in to keep it in place.  They are recommended for:

- Performing high-impact sports activities.
- For athletes with large breasts.
- For athletes with a normal bust and who want to have it as tucked in as possible when doing sport.

It is important to remember that the impact of a physical activity is one thing and the intensity with which it is practised is another.  Running at full throttle on a bike will require a high intensity but it is a low impact activity for the body.

When we are exercising, the word impact refers to the force on our bones and joints as we move. Jumping, running, moving very quickly laterally... all of these involve straining bones, muscles and tendons. Our feet impact the ground thousands of times, and that impact reverberates vertically upwards through our entire body.

Wear a high support sports bra when you are doing very energetic sports activities, with sudden and fast movements, involving jumping or running, so maximum support is needed.

Examples of high-impact sports activities are: running, tennis, dance, or team sports (football, basketball, volleyball...).

Sports bras are always very comfortable thanks to their straps that create a compact type of support.  In addition, the technical mesh fabrics allow rapid evacuation and evaporation of sweat. At the same time they prevent chafing against the skin.

High impact sports bras from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Brooks make you forget about them and you can focus one hundred percent on your sporting activity, instead of constantly repositioning them.

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