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sports bra medium support

Medium support sports bra

Wearing the right sports bra is essential to achieve good results in the training and sports competitions you take part in. And we take it for granted that you already know that they will help you prevent discomfort while competing and even post-exercise injuries.

At Be Urban Running we have a good catalogue of models and brands so that you don't have trouble choosing the most suitable one for you.

It doesn't matter the degree of protection it is going to give you. An important requirement is that it is comfortable and that it fits your body very well.  It is the only way that it can support your breasts without constricting them.

As for the design, you have many possibilities on our website, especially in relation to straps, colours and necklines.  However, sometimes it is better to sacrifice design for the functionality of the bra.  Better one that is breathable, doesn't chafe, and that holds the breasts well, than one that is very cute but lacks any of these three characteristics.  Although nowadays, most sports brands are launching very effective and beautiful sports bras on the market.

Features of medium support sports bras

Sports bras classified as medium support are suitable for a lot of sports.  Whether you choose them or not depends on your bust size.

For example, a woman with a small cup size might wear it for running.  And maybe another girl will choose it for going to the gym, for exercises where she moves a lot and wants to feel her chest tighter.

The fit is just right, and they don't squash your chest.

The best sports bras for women are those that have the right technical quality and fit to suit your needs.  For example, if you do a high intensity activity you need a breathable garment that doesn't chafe your skin.

Remember to use a women's sports bra with high quality and adapted to your level of demand.

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