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When we go out for a run, whether on asphalt or in the mountains, good technical socks are as important as the shoes.

Nowadays there are specific technical socks for all sports modalities.

In Be Urban Running we have:

The best fitness socks
The best running socks
The best socks for trail running
The best socks for casual or lifestyle wear
Best streetwear socks
Best running and sports socks

If you're an athlete who likes to feel extra support, you can opt for compression socks, which, like calf socks, increase the time until your calf muscles fatigue, allowing you to run for longer. And also faster recovery.

The most important advantage

Running with technical socks will prevent you from overheating, blisters, chafing and discomfort due to poor fit.

Because they are made with fibres that incorporate technologies for greater breathability, they allow sweat to escape from your feet much better. And so you can run in a much more comfortable way.

As they are woven with a certain ergonomic shape, they fit better to both feet and there is no excess fabric that can fold and bother you.

They are also usually very light in weight.  And many brands offer a differentiated design for the right and left foot, with more reinforced and protected areas.
Running or trail running socks are usually made of a hollow fibre that is able to wick away and dry the body's perspiration very quickly.

Running sock technologies

Spandex, elastane, lycra... give elasticity to the fabrics used to make the socks.   They do not usually make up 20% of the fabric composition.

Nike DriFit, Adidas Aeroready, Under Armour has the Iso-Chill fabric... All of them are technologies that provide breathability to the garments to make them cooler.

Sock brands at Be Urban Running

You will find socks from all these brands.  Some of them are the best in sports, and others are specialists in sports socks.

226ers socks
Adidas socks
Arch Max socks
Armani Ea7 socks
Champion Socks
Compressport Socks
Feetures Socks
Joma Socks
Lacoste Socks
Lurbel Socks
Nike Socks
Pacific And Colors Socks
Puma Socks
Sporcks Socks
Under Armour Socks
Xbionic Socks
Xsocks Socks

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