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At Be Urban Running we recommend all women who go to the gym to wear technical fitness trousers.  Train with them in your workout routines in the gym or outside the gym. Because this is very important: you can only perform at your best, giving your all, with the right clothing.

Wearing them will allow you to be much more comfortable doing your workout.  Here are a few reasons why:

They are made of highly breathable fabrics.  You will avoid them gaining weight as they accumulate all your sweat.

The more demanding and active your workout routines are, avoid buying fitness clothes with cotton in the fabric composition.

They have designs and elasticity that allow you total freedom of movement.

Some of them are better able to withstand chafing from gym machines.

Others have bright and cheerful designs to keep you looking smart while you work out.

When shopping for women's fitness trousers, remember that the most important thing is that they are practical.  That way you'll forget you're wearing them, because if they get in the way in any way, they'll be a nuisance to your workouts.

Nowadays, almost all women's fitness shorts have one or more pockets. Some with zips and some without.  Check that they have a waterproof pocket so you can carry your keys or phone safely.

Yes, there are some where you can store a large waterproof mobile phone in the back of the shorts.

Fitness trousers brands at Be Urban Running

adidas Women's Fitness Trousers
Nike Women's Fitness Pants
Puma Women's Fitness Pants
Under Armour Women's Fitness Pants
Women's Fitness Shorts
Women's Fitness Pants

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