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trail running t shirts man

If you want to be a mountain runner you need a technical trail running t-shirt. Yes, you do.  Or rather, the skin on your body needs it. And the more technical properties that shirt has, the better.

You're the winner, because technical clothing helps you to compete better.

Types of trail running t-shirts for men

Bib t-shirts.
Short sleeve.
Long sleeve, which allows you to run in cold and wet conditions.

On this Be Urban Running website you will find a wide variety of trail running t-shirts for men, of different brands, technologies and colours.

Properties of trail running t-shirts for men

They are made of fabrics with a certain elasticity (spandex, elastane, lycra, tencel...) so that you have total freedom of movement.

They are available with no seams or flat seams, to avoid annoying chafing.

The fabrics have good breathability properties. They first absorb sweat and then wick it away from the surface of the garment.

They are made of very light fabrics. However, they feel a little tougher to the touch than running shirts.  Remember that you will often be running with a backpack.

Here are some of the types of trail t-shirts we have:

Men's short sleeve trail running t-shirt.
Long sleeve trail running t-shirt for men.
Men's trail running tank top.

Brands of trail running t-shirts for men

Men's trail running technical t-shirt Salomon
Men's trail running technical T-shirt Lurbel
Men's Nike technical trail running top
Under Armour men's trail running technical top
La Sportiva Men's Trail Running Crew

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