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fitness t shirts man

Fitness T-shirts for men

Fitness t-shirts are the most sought after t-shirts to get fit in the gym. It is an essential garment to train comfortably and without restrictions to your workout routine.

As in Be Urban Running we always recommend to do sport with the right equipment.  So to choose and buy a fitness t-shirt you should consider the following aspects:
1.- The type of training you are going to do.  The type of training you are going to do.
A T-shirt is recommended for weightlifting and a different one for spinning.

2.- If you are going to do exercises that require a lot of physical effort of the upper body, it will be better to choose a T-shirt with a compression fit.

3.- Choose seamless fabrics or flat seams.  You will avoid uncomfortable chafing on your skin.

Look at the composition of the garment for stretch fabrics such as spandex or elastane and breathable fabrics such as Nike's Dri-fit or adidas' Aeroready.

Also, the more movement you have in your workouts, the better to choose garments with little or no cotton in the composition.  Or even without it.

5.- The length of the T-shirt, so that it gives you protective coverage, especially in the back. Something very important especially in the case of women.

There are women who, in order to have a more flattering silhouette, will choose a top-type T-shirt.  And in the case of men, sleeveless fitness t-shirts are their favourite.

Fitness T-shirts at Be Urban Running

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