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Whether you are looking for pants for running or for your day to day, in BeUrbanRunning you will find the perfect pants for the activity you are going to do.

We have different types of pants, designed for different sports and activities.

Depending on the sport we are going to do, we will look for certain characteristics and properties. For example, while in a running pants we will look for breathable and a little shorter, for fitness we are not so much looking for breathability, but to leave you more freedom of movement and to be somewhat longer.

What brands will you find in BeUrbanRunning?

Each person is different, and that's why everyone has different preferences and tastes. In order to satisfy the needs of our customers, we offer a wide variety of brands.

In BeUrbanRunning you will find these brands:

ADIDAS pants

EA7 Pants

Asics Pants

Billabong Pants

Calvin Klein Pants

Campion Pants

Helly Hansen Pants

Nike Pants

Kaotiko Pants

Puma Pants

These are some of the brands we have in our physical and web stores.  

Types of pants

We have pants for a wide variety of sports and also lifestyle pants for the day to day. Whether you practice running, trail or fitness, in BeUrbanRunning you will find the perfect pants to enjoy your favorite sport.

Among the different types of pants you will find:


2 in 1 pants

Long pants

Within these types of pants, we can find different fabrics, such as: cotton, plush, recycled polyester, viscose, elastane ... In addition to a lot of colors and prints.

You will be able to enjoy very limited editions of brands such as Nike, New Balance, ADIDAS, etc.  


Depending on the sport for which the pants are intended, they will have different characteristics. Here are some of these features:

Trail pants: they are usually a little longer than running pants, they usually have pockets on the waist to store gels, bars ... Some of these also carry to put the sticks in the back of the waist.

Running pants: these are usually a little shorter than trail running pants, between 5 and 10 cm. They are very light and breathable pants, they usually have a small pocket to keep some gel or keys.

Fitness pants: they are made of thicker and more resistant fabrics, as they have to withstand chafing and impacts. They are usually longer pants, above the knees.


You receive your pants the day after you place your order, with the option of picking them up at one of our stores or at a Post Office.

You have 1 year to return or exchange your purchase at no cost.

And if you are more of a shopper, in BeUrbanRunning we will assist you in the best way, being able to access the entire catalog of pants that we have.

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