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If you are looking for technical Trail Running trousers to run in the mountain, in BeUrbanRunning you are going to find them.

We have two types of trousers for Trail Running: 2 in 1 trousers, which have an integrated inner short mesh and the usual shorts which don't have it.

The 2-in-1 trousers are a bit more useful.  Because they give us a certain degree of compression that helps us not to overload the muscles so much, mainly the quadriceps and hamstrings. And also because they protect us more from chafing in the thighs.

Characteristics of Trail Running trousers

To train and compete in the mountains, we want a garment with different characteristics and properties to those of running on asphalt. You need:


A certain resistance to scratches from brambles, branches and bushes that we are going to find on the trails. They will also protect us from bad weather conditions such as cold, wind, water, rain, snow and even ice.


Quick drying

Pockets to carry small items such as keys, gels...

They are usually slightly longer than running trousers.

Some have loops to attach poles to the back of the waist.

There are trousers made of waterproof fabrics and some are even windproof.

What brands you will find in BeUrbanRunning

Trail Running Trousers ADIDAS
Trail Running Pants Nike
Trail Running Pants Salomon
Trail Running Pants Izas
Trail Running Pants La Sportiva

These are some of the brands we have in our physical and web shops.  

Be Urban Running makes the difference when shopping online.

Receive your trousers the day after you place your order (although in some cases delivery may take 48 hours).

We give you the option to pick them up at one of our shops or at a Post Office.

You have 1 year to return or exchange your purchase free of charge.

You can also find them in Be Urban Running specialist shops and we will be happy to assist you there. Where you can access the entire catalogue of trousers we have.

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