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the north face

The North Face is a sports brand whose name reminds you of the coldest, toughest and most unforgiving face of the mountains.  To demonstrate its commitment to helping mountaineers reach the most difficult peaks, such as those in the Himalayas.

Curiously, though, the story of The North Face began on a beach in San Francisco, where the founding partners opened a small mountaineering shop. That eventually evolved into a high-performance mountaineering and hiking equipment store.

In 1968, they began to manufacture their own designs of technical mountaineering clothing and equipment.

In the 1970s, the brand took off among mountaineers, sponsoring expeditions to the most remote and unexplored places on the planet.  A philosophy that became a tradition and the mantra of The North Face: Never Stop Exploring.

In the early 1980s, extreme skiwear arrived, exploiting the fashion of pastel colours and neons, of sportsmen with dyed hair and crests in their hair.

In the nineties, the brand entered the sportswear market for rock climbers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts and trail runners.  The products are functional and always comfortable.

Gradually, The North Face logo appeared regularly on ultra-marathon competitions and high mountain routes. And now with the Vectiv they are betting big on trail running.

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