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accesorios running

Running Accessories

Going for a run is usually very easy.  All you need is a T-shirt, trousers, socks and running shoes.

But sometimes the weather gets complicated and we need accessories to be able to run comfortably.

When the sun gets too hot, a technical running cap will come in handy to protect your head and shade your eyes.

When the cold weather hits, for many runners it is essential to wear gloves.

For hardcore trail runners, whether they are runners or joggers, a headlamp is a must.  At night they need light to see the trail they are running on.  It is also used by runners who run at night in areas with no public lighting.

Good running belts are minimalist. You hardly notice them.  And there you can carry the most essential things in the world: your car or house keys and your mobile phone.  Yes, some running trousers have a pocket, but your keys are dancing around and it's an uncomfortable feeling.

Calf pads and sleeves are compression garments.  They help blood circulate better through your limbs.  This helps to delay fatigue and later to speed up recovery after training.

They also help your muscles stay in place and thus allow you to run better.

At Be Urban Running you can find the following accessories:

Led Lenser Running Headlamps

technical running belts from Nike, Spibelt, CTR and Adidas

Running visors from Compressport

Technical running hats from Nike, Adidas

Technical running gloves from The North Face

Running bottles from Salomon and Nike

Running pants from Lurbel and Compressport

Running sleeves from Lurbel and Compressport

Headbands and headbands from Lurbel and Under Armour headband

If you have any doubts or questions

Be Urban Running has customer service people who are experts in running. They will help you choose the right accessories.  They will also help you to know which ones fit your characteristics and needs as a distance runner.

Look at the bottom right hand side of the website, where there is a WhatsApp channel icon where you can write to us to resolve any questions you may have about running accessories.  

Find the running accessories that we have in Be Urban Running

Put running accessories or the specific model you want to buy in the search engine.

In the top menu of the website you can also go to accessories, and choose running accessories.

If there is the item you are looking for: buy it now !!!! Normally we have few units and then we don't have any more of that model. Remember that returns and first size exchanges are free of charge.

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