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headwear tubular

Every athlete knows that long hair gets in the way while training and competing.  So headbands and headbands hold your hair in place.  

So you don't have to keep your hair in a ponytail or tie it up every now and then.  Because that's still a distraction when you're doing your favourite sport.

Concentrate on your practice without the sweat from your forehead or your hair getting in your eyes, bothering you and blurring your eyesight. Things that bother any athlete.

Characteristics of headbands and headbands

They should be made of fabrics such as polyester, polyamide with technologies that facilitate breathability.  They are capable of eliminating and evaporating sweat droplets, instead of leaving them accumulated in the fabric (100% cotton).

Obviously, they must be fabrics with the property of elasticity, thanks to elastane, lycra, tencel...

There are different widths to suit your preferences and needs.

Lurbel offers fabrics with antimicrobial properties to prevent odours from accumulating.

In some cases they are fully reversible designs for greater versatility.

They are usually unisex items, which can be worn by both men and women.

Some headbands and headbands have anti-slip properties.

Brands of headbands and headbands at Be Urban Running

Helly Hansen headband or headband
Buff headband or headband
226ers headband or headband
Lurbel Headband
Salomon Headband
Nike Headband
Under Armour Headband
Barts Headband

We all like to dress up and wear nice and stylish clothes.  But when it comes to headbands and headbands, technical qualities are more important than aesthetic ones.  However, manufacturers take this into account and make them to be functional and their design is eye-catching.

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