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Fanny packs have come back into fashion 30 years after their explosion in the fashion world at the end of the last century.

In the meantime, an item halfway between the fanny pack and the belt has appeared in the meantime.  This is the running belt or fanny pack.  It is an absolutely minimalist accessory that allows the runner to carry small but absolutely essential items.  Such as car or house keys, gels...

If you dress in streetwear fashion, we also have urban fanny packs, purses and wallets for men.  In bright designs and colours with cheerful motifs.


Fanny packs are accessories made of nylon or polyester so that they do not get damaged if
They are made of nylon or polyester so that they will not be damaged if they get wet or stained during a training session or competition.

Men's fanny packs or wallets are usually made of synthetic leather or synthetic textile parts such as polyester.

Brands of fanny packs and wallets at Be Urban Running

Banana Moon
Calvin Klein
Helly Hansen
New Era

Sports you can use our fanny packs for

Trail Running

Type Accessories

Bum bags / Purses

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Any item you buy you have 12 months to return it.

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If you find the article you like: buy it now !!!! Since in most cases we have few units and then no longer replenish that model. And don't forget that returns and the first size exchange are free of charge.

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