camisetas sudaderas gorras new era
New Era

camisetas sudaderas gorras new era

  The history of New Era describes the evolution of the largest and perhaps the most famous sports cap company in the world.

Today's New Era Cap Co. was founded in 1920 as the E. Koch Cap Company, a family business by Ehrhardt Koch. It was in the city of Buffalo, in the state of New York.

It began by manufacturing Gatsby hats. And in 1932 his only son Harold joined the business, and it was he who proposed to start manufacturing baseball caps, taking advantage of their growing popularity.

It was also the time when the main sports leagues in the United States were being established, such as:
MLB, Major League Baseball.
The NFL, National Football League, for American football.
And the NHL, National Hockey League, for ice hockey.

In 1934, the first baseball cap, a baseball cap for the Cleveland Indians team, was introduced.  From then on, they supplied technical equipment to other clubs such as the Detroit Tigers, Brooklyn Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds.

In the 1940s, they developed adjustable caps with elastic reinforcement.

The company continued to grow and in the 1950s became the only independent producer of caps for MLB teams.

By 1974 almost every MLB team had signed a contract with New Era. And in 1993 it became the exclusive supplier of MLB caps.

Today it also has licenses to create Walt Disney and Warner Bros. caps.

New Era has its own types of cap names such as:

9forty: a cap with a curved visor and adjustable back.

9fifty: with a flat visor and adjustable at the back.

39thirty: is like the 9forty with a curved visor and is not adjustable.

59fifty: like the 9fifty, with a flat visor but not adjustable at the back.

In the 70's they made advertising campaigns to publicise the use of their caps to wear at any time, outside of sporting activities.  It was a success, so much so that they broke the stock, but orders kept coming in.

In the 80's they fully entered the urban culture fashion.

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