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If you practise athletics and your distance is the middle-distance, we have your perfect spikes, in BeUrbanRunning you will find a great quantity of models to run these distances.

As for any sport, in athletics, the choice of a suitable shoe for the discipline in which we are going to compete is essential. To make this easier for you, we have a team of athletes who will advise you and help you to choose the model that best suits your needs, so that you only have to worry about training to beat your own records.

Which middle-distance running shoes to buy

In order to be able to compete in the different athletics competitions, the shoes will have to be homologated by the IAAF. Most of the spiked shoes are accepted, here the biggest problems will be found in the asphalt competition shoes.

The distances that fall into the middle distance range from 800m to 1500m. Here we will find shoes with a little cushioning, with 6 mm spikes.

What we are looking for in athletics shoes is lightness, breathability and above all reactivity in each stride, without forgetting the grip on the track.
Depending on the brand, we will find models with five, six and seven spikes, here we will find the tastes of each runner.

In BeUrbanRunning we want to offer a great variety of models and colours, so that the athletes have where to choose.

Our brands of running shoes

One of the sports in which we are specialized is athletics, that is why we have models that we only have a few shops in Spain. They are very exclusive shoes that have broken world records.

In our web you will be able to find these brands of middle-distance running shoes:

Adidas middle-distance running shoes

Nike middle-distance running shoes

Brooks middle-distance running shoes

Asics middle-distance running shoes

Of all these brands you will find different models and colours, so that you can buy the one that best suits you.


Due to their low cushioning and structure, spike shoes are more damaging than running shoes. That's why we recommend that you use them only for the right moments: competitions, specific series...  

Regular use of spikes can lead to injuries. To avoid this, it is also important that we train our running technique, so that we step in a correct way. This will also help us to be more efficient in the race and be able to shave a few seconds off the time.

We help you

To help you find the perfect running shoes for your needs, we have a direct communication channel, WhatsApp. Through this, you can ask any questions to our technical team. They will advise you in the best way, so that you can buy the perfect mid-distance spikes for you.

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