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ropa y accesorios napapijri


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ropa y accesorios napapijri

The Napapijri story begins in 1987, very close to the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc.  More specifically in the Valle d'Aosta region in northern Italy, on the Italian side of the Alps.

There Giuliana Rosset created it from a travel bag factory. From the iconic waxed Bering Bag, she jumps to a reinterpretation of outdoor sportswear.

Seen from the outside, an Italian brand name was combined with a Finnish-style name and the Norwegian flag as a logo.

The Finnish word Napapiiri is used to refer to the Arctic Circle. An inhospitable place with freezing temperatures where only the bravest have made it.  So the brand is inspired by this place to make its garments. But it has taken them to the world of streetwear fashion.

Napapijri's philosophy is to combine innovative materials with a special attention to style. All of this is inspired by the great expeditions of the 20th century and their intrepid explorers who transformed their lives into unique journeys.

Wearing a Napapijri jacket or anorack is a guarantee of comfort in the coldest months of the year.  You will have a quality garment, with selected materials, such as padding, that guarantee warmth and durability.

Napapijri has been working for years to make more sustainable garments in the fashion world. In 2015 they started to replace animal hair with synthetic fibres made through ecological processes. And in 2017 they stopped using bird feathers and replaced them with Thermo-Fibre fillings.

This technology is lightweight, retains body temperature very well and is quick-drying - changes for the better to care for the environment and animals!

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