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Yes, a woman can practice sport wearing underwear almost the same as the underwear she wears in her daily life.  They are very similar in shape but differ in the fabrics they are made of.

In the case of women, underwear are sports briefs and sports bras. There will be some that also include T-shirts, although nowadays they have a design that can be worn as a single garment on top.

Characteristics of sports underwear for women

Must be made of technical fabrics, usually a blend of polyester or polyamide based fabrics.  And they incorporate fibres from other more technical fabrics to increase the breathability of the garment.

Nike Dri-fit, adidas climacool or Under Armour HeatGear are the technologies used in garments that allow sweat to pass through the fabric of the garment and once on the surface evaporate.

Another important feature they must have is elasticity.  Women's sports underwear must be elastic.  For this reason, elastane, lycra and other technologies particular to each brand are present in their manufacture. For example Under Armour has garments with four-way stretch.

As for cotton, we do not recommend it.  What's more, the less cotton there is in the composition of a technical sports garment, the better.  Cotton retains water and can increase the weight of the garment by up to 80%.  This will cause discomfort and chafing, especially in the sensitive areas covered by intimate apparel.  

Be careful, you may read the opposite on other websites, but it may be because they are interested in selling cotton garments... And to find out for sure, we recommend that you look at the composition of the most technical garments from Nie and Adidas, and look to see if you find cotton among its components.

Nike women's sports underwear
Women's sports underwear by Lurbel
Under Armour women's running thongs

At Be Urban Running casual underwear

Fashion brands such as Armani EA7, Calvin Klein or Puma have their streetwear collections inspired by the world of sport.

They are very comfortable garments that will serve you before and after your training or sports competition.

Calvin Klein women's casual underwear
Armani EA7 women's lifestyle intimate apparel
Puma women's lifestyle briefs for women

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